Chroma and sound issue Razer Phone 2 UK

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by centralGreenYellow031, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. My new Razer phone 2 has problems .

    1) if I set Chroma to high intensity, the logo remains on when screen/phone is asleep/hibernating . So can only use mid intensity .
    .2) Popping sound from speakers intermittently after system sound or notification has been used .

    Have tweeted messaged Razer support couple of times over last week. Have messaged, FB and tweeted Min. No response from anyone.

    UK device .
  2. Had a reply from support .Here's an extract

    Good day.

    We are sorry you are having this problem. We don't want you to experience this with Razer. Our engineers are working on the issue. This may be a hardware problem.
  3. I have the exact same issue with the occasional pop from the speakers
  4. I've contacted razer support and three. three are saying they will replace device but I'm suspecting this is a software issue .

    Razer wanted to do an RMA but the turn around is fifteen days, I can't be without a device for 15 days. They will do an advance replacement, but I don't have funds to cover that .
  5. It does seem to a software issue. I wonder if anyone with the none 3 specific firmware has the same issue.
  6. The only thing three have on the device is the 3 splash screen as far as I'm aware .
  7. That's the only I've noticed as a user. But I bet there's some tweaks they've made to the phone under the hood.
  8. This is possible .are you getting the chroma issue on high intensity setting.
  9. Yeah, I think Razer need to do a better job of the customisation options for the chroma
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  10. I've been doing some investigation. The popping sound and to happen when scrolling through social media and past a video when the sound is turned down or the videos are muted. Maybe this happens on all phones and it's just more noticeable on this as the speakers are so loud?
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