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Chroma for PUBG Confirmed?

Discussion in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' started by DictatorShadow, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. DictatorShadow

    DictatorShadow Well-Known Member

    Was playing in PUBG test servers today and someone died named "ChromaRGB_Test"
    chromm.jpg PUBGCHROMA.png
    I think I might be the first person to find this out, I really hope they add Chroma effects to PUBG.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  2. Bangerzzz

    Bangerzzz Active Member

    It would be nice, but I don't know what they would colour tho?
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  3. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Whoa, that would be awesome! Good find. Hopefully it's true.
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  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    It could always be someones username, But nice find. It would be nice if they did have chroma integration with PUBG, They do have the thing where you can buy the game with ZGold, So they might have gotten another partnership made up for the chroma stuff.
  5. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Well at least he got a picture as proof.
    Well with Insiders, they always say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we all know that Razer reads these boards.
    Maybe one day Razer will even expand ZGold to buy stuff like cameras! Or even better yet, make a Razer Chroma Camera and add it to the zsilver store as in incentive to the paid the play program!
  6. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm hoping multiple things are added in this 10 day downtime coming up next week. They do plan to add ebay gift cards and such, So you could always use them for cameras and stuff ;).
  7. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

  8. DictatorShadow

    DictatorShadow Well-Known Member

  9. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully this is still coming:rolleyes: It'd be a huge hit.
  10. HyperDark00

    HyperDark00 New Member

    Whats PUBG?
  11. Bangerzzz

    Bangerzzz Active Member

  12. HyperDark00

    HyperDark00 New Member

  13. GypsyCatchers

    GypsyCatchers New Member

    Any more news on this? I think it'd be awesome to have, say, your lighting flash red you are being hit/shot, blue if the circle is killing you, or stuff like that, etc... It'd be pretty cool!
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  14. DictatorShadow

    DictatorShadow Well-Known Member

    No more news yet, all we got was a shrug from a Team Chroma staff member.

    But I'm pretty sure Razer will want to integrate chroma into a game as huge as PUBG
  15. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

    Well if you post this idea on the PUBG forums as a suggestion, it may help the Bluehole team recognize that fans want it!
  16. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

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  17. jcx200

    jcx200 Active Member

    I just made a DIY profile for the time being. Not perfect but it does its job
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  18. FearLezZ1990

    FearLezZ1990 Active Member

    May you want to share it?
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  19. DARKKi

    DARKKi Active Member

    Still nothing?

    I would think that Razer would rush into making Chroma support for one of the most popular games out there :]

    There are static ones that people have created but better that you create one for yourself :D
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  20. deltaminds

    deltaminds New Member

    Razer Chroma Profile for PUBG

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