Chroma League - League of Legends integration for Razer Chroma

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by BonEpl, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. BonEpl

    BonEpl New Member

    Have you unpacked whole archive before trying to run it?
    It won't work if you try to run it from the zip file directly.
  2. enrique_carbonel

    enrique_carbonel New Member

    Good Evening, I unzipped the file completely and I get the same error message './cl-jre/bin/java.exe'. Attached are some images of what file i'm trying to open also that the file is unzipped.

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  3. BonEpl

    BonEpl New Member

  4. Doesnt work for razer huntsman mini
  5. Same for me
  6. Pls make it available also for razer huntsman mini
  7. BonEpl

    BonEpl New Member


    BANANLINA New Member

    Cześć, tak myślałem, że może dodałbyś opcje dla ludzi posiadających yeelight aby przy niskim hp zapaliło się na czerwono
  9. BonEpl

    BonEpl New Member

  10. imSoyer

    imSoyer New Member

    hi. i saw on youtube a video where someone created a support for cooldown spells and leveling up spells notification. can u do that?
  11. BonEpl

    BonEpl New Member

    Basing on what is returned by the Riot Live API - I don't believe that this is possible.

    I mean it is possible to react to QWER with the colors appropriate for selected champion with cooldowns manually inputted for each of it - but this is not provided by the game itself and I won't be able to reflect the changes (like cooldowns) incoming massively in patches. Additionaly - not everyone uses QWER as ability keys and Live API doesn't share player's binding so this also can't be taken into consideration.
  12. SneakyKatanaMan

    SneakyKatanaMan New Member

    I've been using the latest version today and was wondering if I need to do anything special to get kit animations? I went into a practice tool match and picked Vel'Koz, but didn't notice any special effects for his abilities. Is there a way to see what champs have support for their kits on this?
  13. BonEpl

    BonEpl New Member

  14. ShatteredSwords

    ShatteredSwords New Member

    Will you ever add compatibility to smaller keyboards? I have the Blackwidow V3 65% and it seems like only the energy bar shows up for me
  15. Felix.Blue

    Felix.Blue New Member

    heya got smaller problem i dont seem to be able to start this razer chroma app becouse of missing '',/cl-jre/bin/java.exe'' which i guess should have been generated with ''generate-cl-jre'' which is in launcher scripts and then i should start game with ''run-chroma-league'' which both dont work for me generate dont seems to do anything and dont wants to run becouse of what i wrote on the start any ideas how to fix this ? :D
  16. After unzipping the file (preferably into a folder of it's own
  17. P1onY

    P1onY New Member

    I'm very excited to see someone do such a great project, but I have some problems that I can't solve when running. This problem is not mentioned in the forum. I hope I can get help

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  18. Kashman224

    Kashman224 New Member

    this looks really cool and i would love to use it, however I don't know how its not very well explained and this being my first time trying to use a chroma profile I have no idea what im doing and id assume a lot of people are on the same page. mainly I don't understand how, or what is meant when you say 'unpack and run it by executing run-chroma-league.bat' I don't know how to execute, nor do i know where or what run-chroma-league.bat is.
  19. Sherrif_of_Nott

    Sherrif_of_Nott New Member

    I just kinda wish we could expose the API integrations into chroma studio so we could bind the effects ourselves, that way people with different keyboards (or people using the Tartarus/orbweaver) can bind it all.
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