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    Take your game immersion to the next level with the Razer Chroma Light Strips that'll sync easily with the rest of your Chroma-enabled devices. Connect via 2.4GHz or via Bluetooth for that added placement flexibility. Make your battlestation and room one to envy today:
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    RGB RBG RBG :cool_:

    Yes please! :big_grin_:
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    Razer Chroma Wireless ARGB Controller
    Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 30 mm
    Connect wirelessly via Razer HyperSpeed Dongle or Bluetooth
    3 addressable RGB headers (3-pin, 5V)
    Support for WS2812b or equivalent LEDs (up to 120 LEDs per port, 240 LEDs total)
    Powered by Razer Chroma™ RGB for truly customizable lighting
    Supported by Razer Synapse 3 for streamlined control
    Supported by Razer Chroma™ RGB app for Android and iOS (Bluetooth control only)
    3 on-device buttons for lighting effect/brightness control
    Double-sided adhesive for secure mounting to most common surfaces

    USB Wireless Transceiver

    Power Adapter
    AC to DC wall adapter
    12V 5A

    3 LED Light Strips (1x 100 cm, 2x 50 cm)
    100 cm light strip – 60 LEDs each
    50 cm light strip – 30 LEDs each
    5V 3-pin Addressable RGB LED
    Supports daisy-chaining
    Easy mounting using included brackets and double-sided adhesive

    Package Contents
    1x USB Wireless Transceiver
    1x Power Adapter
    1x AC Plug
    1x 1m LED Strip
    2x 0.5m LED Strips
    3x Controller to LED Strip Interconnect Cables
    3x LED Strip Protector Clips
    2x Double-sided Adhesive Tapes for ARGB Unit
    15x Mounting Brackets
    15x Bracket Adhesive Tapes

    What’s Inside
    Razer Chroma Wireless ARGB Controller
    USB wireless transceiver
    Power adapter
    Interchangeable AC plugs
    3 x Controller to LED strip connector cables
    3x LED Strip protector clips
    1 x 100cm LED strip
    2 x 50cm LED strips
    2 x Double-sided adhesive tapes
    15 x Mounting brackets
    15 x Bracket adhesive tapes
    Important Product Information Guide
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    A wireless version! That's great, but the price is not great :slightly_sad:
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    What is the price it won’t let me see
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    Yeah, cool... nah. Pass

    That the equivalent of buying skins in-game. I'll give it a skip - thanks
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    whoa..v cool and probably the highest quality rgb strips on the market. problem is price thou...
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    ill save up for this one. RGB all around
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    Too expensive for this....
  16. Timothy321

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    All around my bed!
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    im still no rgb fans club!
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    Why are they so thick (rather the height) ?
  20. JETventureBurntUmber522

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    The wireless RGB controller would be cool as a separate product-since it connects to synapse. But that price tag makes it a no for me, despite how cool it is.
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