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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Karuqii, Aug 10, 2021.

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  1. Karuqii

    Karuqii New Member

    So i just bought a razer headset, it shipped yesterday and now today it says that there is a clearance delay. It also says:
    "Manufacturer name and address or manufacturer identification code (MID) for each commodity required.
    Recommended action: Shipper or Importer must provide manufacturer name and address or manufacturer identification code (MID)."

    What does this mean? Do I just way and will it eventually continue to come to my location? Screenshot 2021-08-10 11.42.17 AM.png
  2. funOldGoldsharp701

    funOldGoldsharp701 New Member

    Mine says the same thing. I've read that in other instances it could be a big shipment of them, so it takes longer to get through. I hope it resolves quickly because I got it for school and work that starts next week. I'll need to set it up and stuff before then.
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  3. dappstr

    dappstr New Member

    Same here, ordered a Razer Blade 14. Stuck at customs. Does yours still say the same?
  4. funOldGoldsharp701

    funOldGoldsharp701 New Member

    Yea, haven't had any updates since Tuesday, and I've been checking regularly. Like I move in this weekend and start school/work next week. Luckily home isn't too far but like I need it before classes start.
  5. dappstr

    dappstr New Member

    They may be getting shipped out on Friday, not sure. If you go to Fedex and go to shipment facts it will say the estimated delivery is on the 16th. But if it continues to be delayed further I may just cancel my order and go to Alienware which doesn't have to deal with customs.

    @Razer.Speedcr0ss you should tell your sales dept. that if they want to keep the money I gave them then they need to step it up a bit and start giving us the quality of service we expect for thousands of dollars.
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  6. dappstr

    dappstr New Member

    Another day of waiting for Razer to send the shipping information to FedEx. I think if this goes on into next week, I'll just cancel the delivery and demand a refund and go to a competitor who won't have these issues.
  7. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    Yup my GaN charger has been stuck there since Tuesday, I emailed customer service but haven't heard anything back. This is frustrating for sure.
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  8. Volorn

    Volorn New Member

    I bought a blade 14 and same issue, been stuck there since Monday. Almost hoping it gets refused and then refunded and then I'll take my money elsewhere.

    Ok maybe not. I do really want this laptop, its just annoying that this is happening. Hopefully this is just one of those hurry up and wait things and it will be released soon.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2021
  9. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    There was no delay when I got my Razer Blade 14 back in June, I have to believe this is a paperwork issue but hopefully someone at Razer jumps on this, because it has now been 4 days of items sitting in port without moving and that is unacceptable. I would say to have some patience on it, because the Blade 14 is worth the wait.
  10. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    Just got done chatting with support and they are working on the issue
  11. dappstr

    dappstr New Member

    Ask them why the proper MID and shipping information was not provided sooner to customs
  12. funOldGoldsharp701

    funOldGoldsharp701 New Member

    That's more than I got. They told me that customs can only hold it for a maximum of 10 days. And that I can get a refund on shipping. Like that is not solving the issue. I start class this week and need to download programs and such on the Razer 17 I ordered.
  13. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    Hi Insiders! Do know that the manufacturer name, address, and MID are almost impossible to miss since those are uploaded onto the courier's system before the items get shipped out. Most of the required information can even be seen on the shipping label. Anyway, please send me your case number if your package is stuck in clearance delay, so I can help you try to move things along.

    *Thread moved to the Support boards and locked to curb the conversations to PMs.
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