Code is already used?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brillion, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. brillion

    brillion New Member

    About the code for sale, I want to tell you a thing
    I was getting kraken chroma, all went good until the payment. I typed all correctly and when I tried to pay the server gave me an error, "not a big problem" I said, I tried again to buy and... "The code is already used"
    I lost my Chroma, my code, and everything else.
    I've already sent an email to razer support but I didn't receive any answer yet

    And now?
  2. ThaOnZo

    ThaOnZo New Member

    Same happened to me on Razer Naga Chroma pretty mad about this awaiting answer from Razer
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  3. Clement

    Clement Member

    Seems like im unable to use my code o-o

    Editt: Had to generate a new code, works now.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
  4. brillion

    brillion New Member

    Try the other code, they swapped by mistake

    ALLSPARK- Member

    i had this same problem.
    also with the kraken 7.1

    hope they'll give new codes when they find out we didnt get anything shipped over.
  6. brillion

    brillion New Member

    But the sale will end this night for me, and tiamat or kraken 7.1 chroma are already finished :angry:
  7. BambooEX

    BambooEX New Member

    same issue. Payment could'nt go through and Order status is listed as cancelled by system. "Promo code has already been used."
  8. brillion

    brillion New Member

    Good job razer
  9. edelitus14

    edelitus14 New Member

    check now they fixed it.. mine still doesn't work but maybe yours does
  10. brillion

    brillion New Member

    "Promo code has already been used."
  11. edelitus14

    edelitus14 New Member

    damn that sucks dude
  12. hengst2404

    hengst2404 Member

    I swapped my codes out of frustration and ended up getting what I wanted, but it was a fairly frustrating experience overall.
  13. brillion

    brillion New Member

    At least you get something.
  14. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    Apparently there was an mistake in which the codes were sent out in reverse order of the product they were meant for. Hopefully they correct it.
  15. brillion

    brillion New Member

    Yep they fixed the swap codes but... Mine is still "used".
  16. CongoPinkxquick607

    CongoPinkxquick607 New Member

    It's not really 50%off because we need to pay shopping fee
  17. brillion

    brillion New Member

    True that, but the point is that I lost my chroma kraken! They said there will be another sale this month (around the end of it)

    We'll have the same code or a new one?
  18. fevereasyJade004

    fevereasyJade004 New Member

    Hope it's a new one, because I could use another product. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  19. brillion

    brillion New Member

    ikr, I hope they fix mine today... At least I'll get kraken 7.1 not chroma :\
  20. fevereasyJade004

    fevereasyJade004 New Member

    I woke up late for the sale and saw EVERYTHING was pretty much sold out... I wanted a chroma headset, but sold out, so I had to buy a keyboard. So sad. :slightly_sad:
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