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Color Calibration Profile for Razer Blade 15 Base Mid 2019 144hz

Discussion in 'Systems' started by TheJDog94, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. TheJDog94

    TheJDog94 New Member

    Hi guys, new the Razer community. I'm here because i recently decided to upgrade my SSD to a 1TB NVME since i needed more space on my laptop. Anyways I had to install a clean version on Windows 10 and i noticed that the screen calibration was way off compared to how it was originally. I contacted support and they didn't seem to be of any help. They mentioned to just go through the windows calibration wizard, leaving the the screen to be alot worse. So I'm here if anyone could help at least getting the calibration the laptop came with originally. I would want to thank anyone in advance for any help
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  2. yunpeng.du

    yunpeng.du New Member

    I recently installed clean Win10 on my Mid 2019 advanced 240Hz. With all drivers installed I don't notice any color issue on the screen. Have you installed up to date drivers? Especially the graphic drivers. I installed them with "Nvidia GeForce Experience" and "Intel Driver & Support Assistant".
    How did you tell the screen color exactly? I will have a try.
    BTW, with a clean image, I'm also looking for how to customize the Win10 theme as Razer original. Gonna create a thread for it.
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