ColorFull - Chroma, Hue and Aura synchronized

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by xJustCinek, Oct 25, 2017.


Are you looking forward to get this app?

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  1. Sineater_224

    Sineater_224 New Member

    I am helping develop a project that is available now. It's called RGB.NET and is fully available to the public as of now. JackNet rgb is the only one available that comes in exe form.
  2. BodhbhDearg

    BodhbhDearg New Member

    As far as you can call something without clear instructions "fully available"...
  3. BodhbhDearg

    BodhbhDearg New Member

    Absolutely, as the new integration requires Entertainment Zones, and my gaming area has non-Philips Hue-compatible lights, which do not work for Entertainment Zones...
    And it still doesn't sync Aura either!
  4. Big_tex

    Big_tex New Member

    Can i get access to the software extension?
  5. BodhbhDearg

    BodhbhDearg New Member

    Unless the OP shows up again to tell us he finished it, you can't... :frown_:
  6. SebGamerDK

    SebGamerDK New Member

    What is your Channel name? I would love to watch the stuff u make
  7. SebGamerDK

    SebGamerDK New Member

  8. 6orDoN

    6orDoN New Member

    Any new updates?
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