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Comms Overlay Doesn't Work in This Game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CobraDirector, Nov 8, 2014.

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  1. CobraDirector

    CobraDirector Member

    Perfect World International. It works in all my games so far except this one. Could it be a Directx version issue?
  2. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Have you tried adding it manually? Comms didn't recognize The Secret World, either, but all I had to do was identify the launcher and now the overlay works fine. Might work for PWI too.
  3. CobraDirector

    CobraDirector Member

    No go. I tried to start the game and comms as admin and that didn't work.
  4. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    Try to point comms to the game's launcher manually and make sure you change the overlay setting to on/enabled, it should work.
  5. CobraDirector

    CobraDirector Member

    I've tried everything you guys suggested but nothing works. I noticed PWI doesn't seem to work with other overlays. I wonder if it's a directx issue. The version of PWI I play uses directx9. Also PWI now uses something called ARC to launch the game. Something similar to Steam. I thought maybe their overlay was effecting Comms but I can also launch PWI without ARC with a workaround. With ARC or no ARC the Comms overlay just won't show up. Has anyone else had this problem with any other games?
  6. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    I don't have PW but I tried it with Spiral Knights. The game launches in window mode and also through a launcher. Overlay glitched and didn't work when I tried to switch to it. After I quit the game overlay was still there, I had to shut it down manually.

    EDIT: I got overlay to work in fullscreen. Also worth mentioning is Spiral knights doesn't use DirectX.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2014
  7. CobraDirector

    CobraDirector Member

    This is so weird that this overlay won't work on this game. Raidcall's overlay doesn't show up either on PWI.
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