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Discussion in 'Battlestations' started by AAcat, Oct 23, 2017.

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    My computer broke recently, and my laptop drive is about to die as it has hit critical status on CrystalDiskInfo. The CPU on the computer was acting funkey, and I had that same CPU for several years now (over 4-6 years roughly) The total expense of the broken parts wind up to be roughly $900 as the CPU is dead for sure, the motherboard will need to be replaced since I'm switching CPUs and the bios seems to have corrupted (and I don't bother to flash it), the case is literally bulging because the power supply cables can't fit properly. The power supply itself is low quality and old so I fear I may need to change it. So far I ordered a 1 TB SSD for my laptop which is roughly $300. The problem is that my Acronis License for cloning the drive is on the desktop, so I have to wait for the $600 replacement on that before I can do anything about my laptop. I have to sell a bunch of stuff to make up for the money that I'm shredding, like a year old GPU I have, some liquid cooling CPU fans, stock CPU fans, a Razer Chroma Mug that I have had in its box like new on eBay, some old laptop RAM sticks, and a bunch of other PC parts I have accumulated from my friends and family over time. This especially sucks because I make money off of programming on my main desktop, and my laptop isn't the best suited for doing such a task, primarily because the drive is so slow that it takes about a hour before the computer boots up to its fullest.
    Here is a picture of my computer (it looks like a regular computer imo) but without the GPU, and the second picture is of the side panel bulging (although its a lot smaller as a result of having my computer laying on its side for the past few days of analyzing it.) 20171023_213151.jpg 20171023_213214.jpg

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