Confused about THX Spatial Audio

Discussion in 'Audio' started by SteelAdder, Jan 24, 2022.

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  1. SteelAdder

    SteelAdder New Member

    1. I recently got a BlackShark V2 and it sounds great on stereo, but when I switch to THX Spatial Audio, it sounds terrible, you can hear the sound quality drop, it sounds so muddy and there's this weird reverb. I'm a competitive FPS gamer but I also love listening to music and talking on Discord, so whilst I want advanced directional audio for gaming, I don't want my game, music and Discord to sound like ass.
    2. And does THX Spatial Audio only work with games that support it? If it's not supported, then surely it's just stereo, right? This is where I'm confused.
    3. Does every spatial audio software sound like ass when using it or is it just THX?
    All I want is the best spatial sound I can get for competitive FPS gaming, while everything still sounding amazing, whether or not that is possible I don't know.
Thread Status:
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