Console Clash: Team Wildcat VS Team Raiju

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Deleted member 368765, Apr 10, 2017.

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  1. LordM00

    LordM00 New Member

    Yeah, I just voted for the Raiju because it looks better.
  2. 9l_xcelr8

    9l_xcelr8 Active Member

    #teamRaiju, both analog sticks within thumb's reach is definitely way better.
  3. Ikiryo

    Ikiryo New Member

    I have the Sabertooth for PC use for if it's a straight pick between the Wildcat and Raiju for console use, it's Raiju & the PS4 all the way.
  4. blackhatred1

    blackhatred1 New Member

    I agree #TeamRaijuFTW
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  5. rahuldas

    rahuldas New Member

    I go with Wildcat. Its Wild Color attract me.
  6. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    Well, I don't own an Xbox One or PS4, but I've never liked PlayStation controls. I've only liked the Xbox. So I'll say Xbox! #TeamWildcat
  7. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    Is there any options for sabertooth? Both are rather expensive, but if I have to choose, I guess it would be wildcat. Halo fanboy here
  8. bit_nambam

    bit_nambam New Member

    Raiju with confidence
  9. mrsun87

    mrsun87 Active Member

    Wildcat because of the razer's green color.
  10. Slayer1094

    Slayer1094 New Member

    well then now it the time to chose my side.
    I guess ill go with Xbox as it is better compatible to !!!PC MASTER RACE!!!
  11. daniele0988

    daniele0988 New Member

    i prefer the PS controller, i love it
  12. Carollzinha

    Carollzinha Active Member

    Man I loved the Wildcat design but boy I really love those blue stuffs so yes, I went for Raiju :big_grin_:
  13. Sorpion

    Sorpion New Member

    Team Raiju! Love the design and of course its for the PS4!
  14. YukiAttano

    YukiAttano Member

    every one who play only on a PC have to vote for the Xbox Controller... :)

    Microsoft Masterrace :eek:
  15. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    TEAM RAIJUUU FOR THE WINNN! Also, still waiting for it's release to the other countries though :C
  16. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    Glorious PC Master Race. Wildcat all the way for Windows.

    PS: It does look better than Raiyu something.
  17. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I use PS4 controller also for PC games besides my Xbox controller, it's hard decisions but I go for Raiju, because with chroma generations, Razer's colors doesn't have to be green. I hope they are doing this for making new Nintendo switch pro controller, late this year for upcoming Switch games;)
  18. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

  19. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member

    Is see a lot of vocal #TeamWildCat supporters here, I think you guys need to rally more troops to win this war. The PlayStation nation is pulling far ahead in this battle -

    Console Clash.PNG

    It's not all too surprising though, I mean we've got Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Persona 5... clearly I'm #TeamRaiju
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  20. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Mod Bias! :eek: I'd totally rally some troops...except...I don't really...know about consolation prizes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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