[CONTEST OVER] What would you bring in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by technokat, Jan 31, 2015.

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  1. KenstA

    KenstA Active Member

    1. Razer Lycosa Keyboard (to smack em around)
    2. Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse (strangle them, then unhook the mouse for future uses)
    3. Razer Chroma Keyboard (Celebrate with some colorful colors; dance party)

  2. Real_Masloff

    Real_Masloff Member

    1. a Costco
    2. an electric fence
    3. back up power supply

  3. BobbyMike

    BobbyMike Member

    1. My Ruger SR1911
    2. Water flask with filter
    3. My Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife
  4. ThaBrian

    ThaBrian New Member

    1. That one thing that does that weird thing to those undead things
    2. My 30 feet WiFi cable, so I can...wait, did I just say WiFi cable?
    3. You

  5. Nyenna

    Nyenna Member

    1. Flamethrower
    2. Super glue
    3. Bottle of water
  6. buzzclubTan238

    buzzclubTan238 New Member

    1. a good knife
    2. Something that can help you make a fire
    3. Something like a klean kanteen for cooking
  7. OmegaXtc

    OmegaXtc New Member

    1. Clothes!
    2. Matches
    3. Liquor

    Clothes to douse in liquor and light on fire. Multi-use

  8. neckv

    neckv New Member

    1. A light axe
    2. M4A1 with silencer
    3. Food

  9. M1dn1ghtsun

    M1dn1ghtsun New Member

    1. Crossbow with bayonet
    2. Water purifier
    3. Crytek Nanosuit
  10. Dominio501

    Dominio501 New Member

    1. Water purifier
    2. A knife
    3. A lighter
  11. narutolao

    narutolao New Member

    2.Water filter straw

  12. CesarStef

    CesarStef New Member

    1. Crossbow
    2. A lot of Bows
    3. Crowbar
  13. Nurmi

    Nurmi New Member

    1. Dragon
    2. Another Dragon
    3. Snacks

  14. Zayler

    Zayler New Member

    1. A guide to how to cook zombie flesh.
    2. A Tiamat Egg. Ready to hatch.
    3. Robert Neville's research, in case I feel un-selfish enough to save the world.

  15. MajesticBagel

    MajesticBagel New Member

    1. Titillating Magazine (To throw at zombies.)
    2. Lotion (Hands get dry after punching loads of zombies.)
    3. Kleenex (In case I get a cold.)
  16. nman729

    nman729 Member

    1. Some sort of fixed blade knife. Probably an esee 4 or 5
    2. Beef jerkey
    3. Glock 17
  17. glStarLight

    glStarLight Member

    1. Elsa - for a safe castle and water (ice = water)
    2. Flamethrower - to melt ice into water and kill if so require
    3. Razer Blackshark - just to have a quiet night's sleep

  18. Gimpmonkey

    Gimpmonkey New Member

    1. Chuck Norris (wielding a lightsaber)
    2. Katana (cos guns run out of ammo)
    3. Lightsaber

  19. gabking98

    gabking98 New Member

    1. A food/drink survival kit(lifestraw,deshydrated food,...)
    2. Any sort of weapon
    3. NabuX,to keep in touch with all the alarms i would set during the day
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