[Contests!] #TeamRazerFighting at Worlds 2015

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    It is an exciting time for us at #TeamRazer as we dive into one of the largest eSports event in the world – RIOT Games League of Legends World Championships. Follow us as we deliver exciting match updates and all the information you need on our teams competing at Worlds. Check out our minisite here.

    While our eSports athletes battle it out for the prize and glory, we’d want you to get in on some loot too. There’s a variety of ways for you to win:
    • Enter our #TeamRazer grand giveaway for a chance to win exclusive Team Razer gear autographed by our competing teams ranging from SKT T1 to KT Rolster, to CLG.

    • Join us on the official LoL community in Razer Comms and watch the games with us. We’ll be conducting some giveaways right there.

    • Show your support and cheer on our team via social channels, just tweet to us with a picture of you showing eSports love with hashtag #TeamRazerFighting.

    • Show your analytical skills and predict the winners of upcoming matches.

    For more Worlds updates, remember to follow Team Razer on social:
    GL HF.

    Which teams are you rooting for? Have our teams been performing to your expections? Let us know!
  2. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

  3. KarmicSandwich

    KarmicSandwich Active Member

    I just started playing lol and have to say it's addicting.
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  4. jianzhou

    jianzhou Active Member

    hope i can get something .....
  5. Mus925

    Mus925 Member

    Worlds hell yeah!
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  6. hjilp

    hjilp Member

    Cheering for KT, don't want any repeats of world champions for a while
  7. Eddie170913

    Eddie170913 Member

    Brohoof to that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. Razer For The Win!!!!!!
    Team Razer For Life!!!!! I hope to win something
  9. nintenshi

    nintenshi Member

    Not really an LoL van but best of luck to teamrazer!
  10. DennyW

    DennyW Active Member

    I'm hoping SKT will become the first ever repeat World Champions. Faker is my inspiration when it comes to League of Legends.
  11. roh911

    roh911 Active Member

    i want to win so bad :0
  12. EdzSears

    EdzSears New Member

    Team Razer will always prevail :cool:
  13. NyanNyan

    NyanNyan Active Member

    Just came back from London Quarter Finals and it was amazing!! Even got my selfie with Faker on the trip back :D
    I'm actually rooting for Fnatic who made the show, but SK T1 are a solid team and they would deserve the victory as well.
  14. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    Rooting for SKT T1 and Fnatic xD
  15. JessMessOhYes

    JessMessOhYes Member

    Wish I could win cool stuff
  16. reiro

    reiro New Member

    I hope i can get something. Really love razer's stuff
  17. Jonxupro1

    Jonxupro1 New Member

    we just need a bit of luck!
  18. assad201299

    assad201299 New Member

    i rly love league of legends and now more win for the razer team
    I hope I get something I really love razer's stuff
  19. >fave team is CLG
    yes pls numero uno prizo pls
  20. JZheng03

    JZheng03 Member

    good luck to team razer
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