Convince me the Razer Blade Stealth is right for me.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Numotiv, May 18, 2016.

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  1. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    If you are a performance addictive, no talking & just buy blade stealth or blade.
  2. EasonHK

    EasonHK New Member

    Just because Razer says it's so doesn't make it so, my friend. You can't fit a 4k resolution display with no bezel on a laptop? Um, what about the XPS 15?

    And how can you tell people who work constantly on the go that they are okay with 4-5 hours of battery life a day. I think you posted that you wanted your parents to buy you this, but your perspective will change once you work full-time. 8 hours hours is a full day's work. I am not taking my power adapter with me.
  3. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    At this current time in laptops, you start with the $300 high end Chromebooks. They have gotten really good and if you just need a web browser, they rock. Now if you need more from a computer like coding, video editing, or gaming, then you jump up to the more expensive laptop. For gaming, you go to the top. But that is the difference between $300, and $2000 for the Blade. For me, the Stealth is a fun laptop that with the Core, should (in engineering, "should" is the s-word) work out. Until the Core ships, we really do not know. My guess is that it will be slower than the Blade, but still playable for many games.

    When I bought my Stealth, I was assuming that it would only good with the Core. Now that I have used it for awhile, I like it as an ultabook. Yes, the battery life could be longer, but again for me 5 hours is enough 98% of the time.

    Originally you asked for help deciding on if the Stealth is right for you. What exactly are you going to use the laptop for besides gaming?
  4. That or I am keeping a 2nd power adapter at the office. But in that case, why not just get a desktop?

    4-5 hours is pretty short for a laptop that size, honestly I'd expect 7-8.
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  5. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    Hi Numotiv,

    The crowd here is pretty intelligent. We are not going to tell you to get a computer because it is cool or hip. You really need to think about what you are going to do and then we can give opinions on which product to buy. When it comes to performance and value, a desktop will win. If you want to go portable, then the performance goes down and the price goes up. With that said if you could use a laptop with 4-5 hours of battery life, that can play some games on the go(aka not a gaming laptop) and can dock with the Core to play most games then the Stealth would work for you.
  6. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    There might be something wrong with this core: deadlines missed, no benchmarks yet. I would not consider Core as a reason to buy Stealth.
  7. This. Buy the Stealth because you want the Stealth's portability and lightness and small body, hence an ultrabook. Don't buy the Stealth because you want the Core or think the Core makes it a gaming laptop. You might as well buy the Blade and buy a Core too then.
  8. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Not at that resolution... Ultrawide 1440p is a pretty high res, but we'll have to wait for benchmarks.
  9. ididntmemeto

    ididntmemeto Member

    And you say this based upon...? There are no benchmarks, so your comment is complete speculation.
  10. Well what's surprising to me is that everyone likes the Stealth but wants to game and is waiting desperately for the Core. Why not just get the Blade? Less bottleneck. A lot faster. Much better keyboard. Battery is I think around the same or that's just an approximation of what I've gotten from testing both. The 14's not much harder at all to carry.
  11. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    Remember your budget too. The closest-specced Dell XPS 13 in my country, costs 300-500 dollars more than the Stealth after tax.

    You also won't have 100% confirmed compatibility with the Core as well, so you'll have to wait for other solutions to present themselves. Looking at the competition, the Alienware Amplifier runs off a proprietary connector, so that's a no go. The Asus solution uses two Type-C connectors, not 1 Thunderbolt 3, so that's screwed on both ends (XPS 13 only has 1 Thunderbolt 3 port).

    Basically, if you're thinking of going to work, then coming home to game hard on the same laptop, there're only two solutions for you, and neither of them involve the Dell XPS 13, unless you think there'll be any sudden BIOS updates from Dell (which would be gambling, since Dell refuses to give an affirmative answer on this issue.)
  12. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    Have you tried carrying both for a full work week? The weight differential isn't that small either; 2.75 lbs vs 4.2lbs, excluding chargers for both. The keyboard is the same, according to reviewers. And I'm pretty sure the Blade's charger is larger than the Stealth's which accounts for size difference too.

    Oh, and just a small, probably unimportant point: the Blade is just a teensy bit pricer than the Stealth; 1000 USD more in fact.

    So you could basically buy another Stealth with that money. Or buy a 1070 and a Core. Or get a now discounted 970-980 and a Core, and have money left over for new peripherals.
  13. mling001

    mling001 Active Member

    Agreed had a stealth have a blade... the blade is not that much harder to carry
  14. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I will be able to answer this question later this year. I got the Steath, Core, GTX 970 for my wife, and I got the Blade, Core, GTX 1070 for me coming. I came really close to getting two XPS laptops, but the Core was announced. I have not seen a good laptop doc solution since the Apple Duo. I am so tired or either plugging into lots of peripherals or the silly push down docs. The idea of one USB-C plug and getting a big screen, real keyboard, real mouse and extra GPU power is just fantastic. I can code CUDA on the 970M, but it is so much faster on the desktop GPUs.
  15. Yes I have tried bringing both and I don't mind bringing blade at all. But that's just me. The keyboard is so much better on the blade and the blade is much faster. I don't mind paying more because the qhd screen on stealth isn't so good.
  16. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Yes, as I have said, there is no benchmarks. So how can we tell you if you're going to be able to run 60fps at that res?
  17. 60% of the time I'll be using it for browsing the web, watching twitch, some light coding or photoshop work (nothing serious) and 40% gaming on a dedicated monitor. I guess I'll have to wait and see benchmarks for the core before I make my decision. If the stealth is going to get absolutely clobbered by games its not worth my time. If its respectable and costs nearly $1000 less I'll go for it.
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  18. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    For browsing and some Photoshop, the Stealth would be fine. The big question now is how is it going to run with the Core. We have all seen the Comdex videos of it playing games with a Core/GTX 980. Until the Core gets into the wild, we really do not know how good it is going to be. Personally, I would take a Core over a 960M. Like you, I do not mind small screens on the go, but have become addicted to large monitors at home. When I run photo or video edit, I like the biggest monitor as possible. It is easier when you have more space to move windows around.
  19. I have another question for anyone that owns one of these things. Is a microsoft signature edition worth it? How is the software from razers factory? Lots of useless crap on it or is it windows with razer synapse installed?
  20. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    Usually I would be willing to pay more for the signature editions just so I do not have to deal with bloatware. For Razer laptops, it is a waste because they do not add bloatware. The only software that I know of that they add is Synapsys which you need to use to control the RGB keyboard.
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