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Discussion in 'Destiny 2 Talk' started by Killemagain, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. Killemagain

    Killemagain Member

    So right now I have quite a few games on my list, from Overwatch, to Battlefront 2, to WOW. Is this game worthy of the price and worth my time?

    Appreciate your feedback!
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  2. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    They apparently just locked some of the content you could previously play behind newly released DLC you'll have to buy to access it again. And they did that with the first Destiny, as well.

    If you really still want Battlefront 2, may as well wait for the bad press to drive the price down, if that same bad press doesn't take away your interest.

    Have you tried the WoW starter pack which plays up to level 20? I'm wondering how fun that bit of the game is, and if it's worth the time investment.
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  3. Killemagain

    Killemagain Member

    Sorry for not making myself more clear, I am currently playing Overwatch, Battlefront 2 and WOW. With so many games taking up my time I'm wondering if investing into Destiny 2 is worth it. Especially since it's received mixed reviews.

    Thanks for the response.
  4. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    Sure thing. So do you remember how it is in WoW below level 20? Would it be worth me trying it if that's all I ever experience?
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’s worth my money and time, bought bigger monitor for it though, but still didn’t find one that has better colors and brightness than my laptops screen. It’s beautiful world and sound imo. Did you also read main thread above about destiny 2? It helped me made the decision. Though I bought it on sale price;)
  6. Killemagain

    Killemagain Member

    It's enough to give you a taste of the look and feel of the game including the quest system. Of course with MMO's endgame is where it's at with raids etc.

    Well for $29 I went out and bought this game. I hope I'm not disappointed lol
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  7. KenstA

    KenstA Active Member

    I hope you enjoy the game, if you like the PvP aspect, hit me up!

    BRODIGIGI New Member

    Nope is not a good idea right now for many reasons.
  9. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    I'm just into one of your games from your list and that is Overwatch, though i played the starter pack level in WoW just to receive a hero skin in HearthStone and i find it like any other MMO. I recommend you give a try to any of this games and see which one fits you and which you like the most, then your choice will be easier to make. From me you'll hear that Overwatch is an excellent game, and only requires to be bought once and that's pretty much the money you need to play it.
  10. jhony92

    jhony92 New Member

    im from spain but i can say that is the best game of bungie, when they produced destiny 1, they were thinking in produce destiny 2. I bougth it the first day and i don't stopped playing it
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