Core and Blade Stealth quality woes

Discussion in 'Systems' started by gnarrrl, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. gnarrrl

    gnarrrl New Member

    I recently bought a Blade Stealth 2016 QHD 512GB + Core bundle and this is a list of what went wrong.

    - The right speaker of the Blade is pratically broken. Sounds like a rattling tin can if anything but a whisper is put through.

    This seems to be a known problem, but since I never indented to use the speakers anyway I accepted that.

    - USB and Ethernet on the Core is unusable as it is constantly disconnecting.

    Also a known issue, but since I have a USB hub anyway and the WLAN on the Blade is good enough so that I don't need the gigabit port, I could accept this issue as well after all attempts to fix the issue failed (e.g. shut everything down, connect and then cold boot, check for drivers, test with different Ethernet switches and cables, ...).

    - The Core itself is unbearably loud, plus the fan in the back sounds borderline broken.

    Again something reported by others. Out of the box it was practically unusable for me due to the horrible noise of the enclosure fans. After tinkering around for a while I found the culprit to be that the power supply is heating up a lot due to the hot air released from the graphics card (980ti reference blower style card) inside the enclosure, which prompts all fans to spin up like mad with little effect, as they are all tiny. The fix that finally silenced that leaf blower in a box was to disconnect all 3 fans on the bottom and run it outside the enclosure. It's not pretty, especially when considering the price, but it works just fine. Cool and quiet.

    - The rubber cap under one key is broken. While still functional it is very squishy, unplesant to type, and I fear that someday that one key will just stop working.

    I have no fix for that. And unlike that broken speaker, the keyboard is something that I do need to use. Don't get me wrong, aside from those issues I absolutely love the Blade Stealth + Core combo, and a DIY workaround is always preferable to me over RMA where possible. If only that damn key wouldn't constantly remind me that I paid 2050€ for all this trouble.
  2. Did you bought that recently? You may RMA that unit. I would suggest you to contact support, but it looks like you have a lot of issues with the stealth.

    Anyways, is your unit has core i7 7500u? If not, get one instead. And don't buy products from untrusted sources. They are likely to give you a broken razer product.

    Hope this helps!
  3. gnarrrl

    gnarrrl New Member

    Yes it's a 2016 refresh RBS with a 7500u, which I bought on 2017-02-03 from the Razer store. Shortly after I bought mine and to this day this model remains "out of stock" in the Razer store for my region.

    The RBS is my daily driver for mobile programming work (that's why the keyboard is such an important issue to me), as a second screen, and the occasional LAN gathering, for which the Core in its current state does the job just fine.

    I suspect that the key (it's the X) did not ship broken that way, but a defect in the material caused it to wear and break during the first months of typing use. If keys or the display for example, which I could do nothing about and were essential to my purchasing decision, were broken as it shipped, I would have returned the unit. But as mentioned in my original post I was able to work around all non vital defects. I posted my findings mainly because the post might be found by someone else in the future and help them out.

    I contacted support regarding the key replacement, but it's the weekend, so no response yet. I really hope this defect can be resolved on my end with a replacement cap and instructions.
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