Core and native HDMI Issues

Discussion in 'Systems' started by LittleLuci, Mar 16, 2017.

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  1. Hello Folks,

    New to the forums but not new to Razer! So this may not be the right place to post. Sorry!

    I'm having some strange issues which support say are hardware related but i don't think they are... its all related to nVidia drivers. I also have to admit that i am not very impressed with the UK support... try ringing the international number... they are always shut and never answer!

    We have 4 x Razer Blades (2016 - GTX 1060) with 4 x Core's (with GTX 1080's) and all 4 exhibit the same behavior.

    When we try and output to native HDMI directly from the laptop without the Core we cant get an image to display. The machine freezes and is unresponsive until you unplug the HDMI cable. We have tried different monitors, TV's and projectors and we get the same issue. However if i install driver (378.78) i can get the HDMI to work correctly but with the latest driver the Core will not enable the GTX 1080 and the system becomes unresponsive just like the native HDMI issue i described above. We also dont get an image on the monitor attached to the GTX 1080.

    But here is where it gets weird. If i use ANY driver below 378.xx) the Core will work but not the local (native HMDI).

    So it must be driver related... i also installed 2 different versions that i know work (378.78) on the external GTX 1080 (in the Core) and discreet GTX 1060 with driver (369.15) which i got directly from the Razer support website. i had to install them manually through device manager and didn't use the installer so that it doesn't install the same drivers for all nVidia hardware.

    With this comobintion the Core works but the HDMI is still unresponsive. So at this stage we can run the Core with no option to output to HMDI or chnage dirvers and get the HDMI to work but not the Core... seeing as we pourchsed these laptops as ultrabook desktop replacements for our business not being able to use the native HDMI for output is an issue when we got to site.

    I know it s wierd issue but was hoping that someone had an idea of how to fix it or to contact a Razer rep that could help us directly.

    thanks all!

  2. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    Hey Luci,

    Have you perhaps contacted our support team about this? Our team can further assist you with the issue you're having with your HDMI and Razer Core. Contact our team through

    Since Razer Insider is not a support-related forum, I will be locking this thread now.
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