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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technoBlueYonderOPAL243, Dec 29, 2017.

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  1. I just got my new GTX 1080 and finally got it installed in my Core (I have had my core for a couple months just sitting looking pretty on my desk). I have the 2017 Blade. I use my laptop for work every day, when I have it at work i have 2 monitors plugged in 1 in the HDMI and one USB to HDMI adapter. When I go home I have my Core plugged in running 3 Monitors and VR (at least that is what I want to do).

    My Problem:

    I installed the core last night got everything at home working great. I played a couple games that were graphically demanding and got great results couldn't be happier.
    When I came into the office this morning I plugged in my laptop hooked up the HDMI, USB Type C, and USB to HDMI and was ready to start my day... Neither one of my monitors would come one. I restarted my computer with everything unplugged then plugged everything in one at a time. Nothing. Also it seemed that there was something running in the background (although i couldn't find what it was) every time i right clicked to get to display setting my computer would just sit there and load (little loading wheel) and would not open the list to get to display setting. I tried everything I know to get my monitors up. eventually I got one monitor to come up (USB to HDMI Monitor) but the HDMI direct from laptop wouldn't work at all.

    Since I am at work and I had to have my laptop up right away the only thing I was able to do was a restore to 2 days ago (before I installed the Core). Once I did the restore everything is working just fine.

    I have a feeling as soon as i get home and reinstall my Core I will have the same issues. I was hopping someone may have some solutions for this.

    Thanks to all.
Thread Status:
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