[Cortex PC] Squad Rewards Season 5

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by dekades, Jan 19, 2021.

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  1. TaiphM

    TaiphM New Member

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  2. Th3R005t3r

    Th3R005t3r Member

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  3. yehrick

    yehrick New Member

    need 2 replacement for claim prize 200k
  4. ZaneWolfe

    ZaneWolfe New Member

    I'm not gonna lie, the upper prizes are incredibly frustrating. We actively played games from 5pm to 11pm (completely covering the start time of the earning period) and are actively missing out on the upper prizes because of the time it takes for Cortex to sync our time up. It's hard not to be at least a little agitated when I have to watch every prize slip away while constantly attempting to refresh/redeem.
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  5. jxm1013

    jxm1013 New Member

    I have max hours and cap immediately after reset and I am looking for a group to attempt to claim one of the final prizes with. LFG.
  6. aiyionman

    aiyionman Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with this. On the first 1 to 2 hrs, my squad is in top 2-4 then suddenly we sink within top 40. I find it weird.

    I also notice that my squad has 5 mins interval to sync up the total time. I can see some squad has 1 min internal because I can see they have "XXX hour 1 min"

    Anyways, good luck to the winners
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  7. Enmakozato

    Enmakozato Member

    Need squad here I already completed 40 hours of gameplay as of now. Thanks.
  8. PaleRedViolet

    PaleRedViolet New Member

  9. ZaneWolfe

    ZaneWolfe New Member

    I noticed this as well. I think what they're doing is a fun idea but it's hard to want to keep doing it in all honesty with the jankiness to it
  10. Enmakozato

    Enmakozato Member

  11. Sev3n99

    Sev3n99 New Member

    Searching a squad which have max hours and the leader want to take the big prize. I will make the hours from reset.
  12. PaleRedViolet

    PaleRedViolet New Member

  13. jxm1013

    jxm1013 New Member

  14. KiNgTaYlOr06

    KiNgTaYlOr06 New Member

    because me and my friends are currently on 100h and we aim for 160h, if i redeem the hours for coins do i get the coins or does the whole team get them?
  15. pitermac

    pitermac Member

    The prize is devided to all members. But the only prize that is available at this time is the 220h prize and only one team gets it. All lower prizes have been redeemed.
  16. KiNgTaYlOr06

    KiNgTaYlOr06 New Member

    ah right okay thanks, do they restock?
  17. rushAquabyte488

    rushAquabyte488 New Member

  18. pitermac

    pitermac Member

    Not in this season. You have to wait till next one starts.
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  19. Eroy.gaming

    Eroy.gaming New Member

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  20. Wouki79

    Wouki79 New Member

    Good luck to all 220
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