Counter Strike vs. Other fps shooters

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by kyledub, Apr 29, 2017.


Is Counter Strike the most dominant FPS on the market right now?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. somewhat

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  1. kyledub

    kyledub New Member

    Over the years, Counter Strike has been a game that I've enjoyed very much, although with the inclusion of many fps games coming onto the market, I find myself curious. I often question myself asking if I myself should purchase these new games, for example, Overwatch, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. I mainly refrain myself because they're expensive and require a tough PC to run. I believe that CS:GO as well as the older CS series are truly well made. But, I really came here to ask if it's worth buying and playing these new game. Will I end up getting bored with those games and eventually coming back to Counter Strike. I really want to know from anyone that does have these game. Thanks for reading this, please feel free to comment below and help me out.
  2. Aussie_Ninja

    Aussie_Ninja New Member

    I have overwatch and it isn't really comparable to CS. Its a lot like TF2 if you ever played that. I eventually got bored and came back to cs and most of my friends who have both play both. I think it's fun to play casually but don't particularly enjoy the competitive side.
  3. kyledub

    kyledub New Member

    I guess I should try out Overwatch then. Like you said, maybe it's a good solution for casual play. I'll have to try it out. I honestly hate playing csgo for casual play, everyone is a noob xD.
  4. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    I used to play CSGO as much as I can, but after all the updates for CSGO, I can no longer run CSGO with 40+ fps as now I'm constantly sitting around 20fps. I too wasn't really interested in Overwatch, I never really knew what it was about, seen a few gameplay videos but it wasn't getting my attention, after I got tired of not being able to play CSGO properly, a few friends from MapleStory told me to get Overwatch since it was on sale at the time too, I gave it a try and I'm hook on the game xD Absolutely loving it !
    @Min-Liang Tan has said during his live stream(Click Here) about the Paid to Play program,
    Direct Quote from Min: "#1 Overwatch. If you're not already playing Overwatch, what is wrong with you. Do play Overwatch."
    That should sum it up that Overwatch is worth a try and playing o3o

    Check my signature for the specs on my laptop which I play CSGO / Overwatch on xD
  5. kyledub

    kyledub New Member

    Haha, then I will be sure to check it out now, thanks for the response. Also I too, am a Maplestory fanatic. xD
  6. L0n3r637

    L0n3r637 New Member

    Get Rainbow Six Siege on PC.

    Once you do, there's no turning back.
  7. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Ouuu which server did you play on?
  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I'm not a Counter Strike fan, of any of the versions. However, I do love playing Overwatch, and if you're willing to put in the effort their competitive play can be quite rewarding when you win, and equally as frustrating when you lose. My favorite shooters prior to Overwatch were those from the Unreal / Unreal Tournament franchise and then others where I only played the single player campaigns.

    If you do happen to try out Overwatch, I'd be curious to see how you felt about it.
  9. Aussie_Ninja

    Aussie_Ninja New Member

    I've recently started playing casual mode again for casual play. Sure, your teammates are noobs, but so are the other team. Also, because of the large numbers, they don't really have as large an impact on the game and you're free to frag. However, playing something completely different like Overwatch can be a nice break, especially as the whole game was designed only to be fun, although you do need to cooperate with the rest of your team and you may end up not playing as the hero of your choice. The arcade games acn be really fun and they reward you with loot boxes - like csgo crates but free to open and you get 4 different, non tradeable, items.

    I've turned back but always found myself playing every once in a while with friends, just messing about
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  10. kyledub

    kyledub New Member

    I actually purchased it because Aussie said it was worth casual, and so far it's actually really fun. I needed to educate myself about the style and characters before I started. I'm now rank 25 and ready to start comp. It's a lot different from csgo but I believe that it was worth the 40 dollars.

    Haha I bough that last year, and it's a lot more slower pace. But I enjoy the competitive side of it and I would recommend to anyone that loves competitive. Although people are extremely good and it's hard to join if you're a noob. But then again it's really fun once you pick it up.

    very nice ;D
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  11. L0n3r637

    L0n3r637 New Member

    If you plan on playing again, hit me up, I play mainly on East Asia and West US servers.
    I've been playing since release so I can help you out if you so wish :)
  12. kyledub

    kyledub New Member

    Sounds fun, sorry I haven't been on my PC to respond in a while. I've been busy with finals. T-T
  13. Puppetier

    Puppetier Member

    I like CSGO, but some of the recent updates were so low in quality. Take for example the HRTF and the recent render updates. Both were horribly buggy.

    Overwatc's quality control seems to be more in place.
  14. w0ng3r

    w0ng3r Member

    If you want a game with high skill cap, minimal gimmicks and a solid emphasis on competitive game play, stick with CS. If you want something pleb/casual/easier with a low skill cap and minimal game-meta to learn, go overwatch.
  15. Fuzzybeard

    Fuzzybeard Active Member

    I'd say somewhat now as other shooters like player unknown are starting to gain popularity. Counter strike will still be up their for a long time for obvious reasons as the skilled base game-play is so good.
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