Crackling/hissing noices from builtin speakers Blade Stealth 13 (2019)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by JvlaOtur, Feb 8, 2019.

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  1. JvlaOtur

    JvlaOtur New Member

    Hello All!

    This is my first thread on the Razor forums. =)

    I just my first razor computer, the blade stealth 13 (2019) model - the mid tier version.

    I like it, its slick, smooth and quick.

    However, whenever I run it, there is noise coming from the speakers. its like the speakers are playing some kind if crackling noise constantly, and it changes frequency(in lack of better words) when ever I use the computer. If I leave it idling just next to me, its quite constant, when I use an application or use the trackpad, scrolling up and down on web pages, the noise changes slightly... but its always there.

    However, if I mute my speakers, the noise disappears, and it 'sounds' like it supposed to do.

    I have verified that its not the fans from the computer, both by locating it to the speaks, and that it actually turns quite when muting the speakers..

    Have anyone else 'heard' this from his/hers Razor laptop and has anyone else found a way of solving it, because it's driving me crazy... =(

    It's a the clean install from windows which it came shipped with, only installed a new browser and updated the Synapse application(which I'm currently uninstalling to see if that solves the problem) I will also try to uninstall the sound-card drivers to see if a flush of those will re-install them which might fix the problem...

    Please help..
  2. razer.redpanda

    razer.redpanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Hi there! Let me help you out with this. Can you share a short video of the issue so we can have a clearer look?
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  3. JvlaOtur

    JvlaOtur New Member

    Hello RedPanda.

    I have attached a short video, showing me muting and unmuting the soundcard during a 30sec clip through my phone.

    When the speakers are muted, the crackling sound is removed, and once you unmute it again, you can hear the crackling sound from the speakers. To hear the difference, you need to wear headphones, and please note that it's very hard to record it with a phone... =/

    The crackling noise does not increase or decrease depending on the volume from what I can tell, it only changes when you mute the sound.

    This has lead me to believe that this is not a hardware problem, but rather a software issue. I will boot into Linux through a usbstick, and verify if I get the same behavior though... just make sure about the hardware/software problem.
  4. razer.redpanda

    razer.redpanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Thanks for the reply. Please try to reinstall the audio drivers as well. Do let me know how it goes.
  5. JvlaOtur

    JvlaOtur New Member

  6. I have the exact same issue. Tried doing a factory reset, uninstalling and installing drivers, almost everything support or the internet has told me to try, even the new BIOS and EC updates. Nothing worked.
  7. JvlaOtur

    JvlaOtur New Member

    yup, same thing here... I moved to Linux which solved this particular issue.. though quite a drastic step to take, but the only one for me.. and i'm used to Linux anyway... so not a problematic one... Razer/Realtek needs to get there act together to get this patched asap... *not pleased*
  8. NerdyOne255

    NerdyOne255 New Member

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  9. danielkoene

    danielkoene New Member

    I have the same issue. I just got this RBS2019 two days ago and this crackling is a pain.
    I've also done all updates available. I noticed there was a realtek update in the windows updates but it continues to crackle.
    sounds exactly the same as the video link. I played it on my RBS so it was effectively a duet.

    I need a audio driver fix too!
  10. akim200

    akim200 New Member

    Dont worry peps I the random internet stranger can help you with this bug. I just installed the realtek driver version 8395 Dont install any newer driver!!!!!!!
    I dont have any cracking noices anymore everything still works fine.
    @Razer.RedPanda it is just sooooo unbelievable sad that i needed to figure that out all by myself.
  11. razer.redpanda

    razer.redpanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Thanks for the reply. The Blade Stealth should come with Realtek Drivers. You will have to update them in the device manager. Please PM me to let me know how it goes after.

    Hi there. Please PM me the serial number of your Blade Stealth and/or the case number. Let's continue there.

    We have to isolate it first. If updating the driver doesn't help, then it would be best if we can take a closer look and be aware of potential issues. Please let me know through PM if the issue persists after the driver update.

    Hi there! Thanks for your input. I'd like to create official documentation for this so we can look into this further? Can you PM me your email address?
  12. NerdyOne255

    NerdyOne255 New Member

    trying this version now...
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  13. NerdyOne255

    NerdyOne255 New Member

    its definitely better; but i cant tell if its because these drivers impose a large volume decrease, or because it actually corrects whatever underlying issue this model has...
  14. akim200

    akim200 New Member

    Really? I didnt notice any decrease in volume.
    Or at least it is still very loud on max volume... Loud enough for me
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