Crackling sound after windows update 20H2

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by placeventureVividRed748, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. geospaceship788

    geospaceship788 New Member

    just an update to someone whom might have the same issue. DPC Latency checker worked to me too. and looking at what the program is, it should be an easy software fix for razer, as it seems to be just a sound desync with windows and the razer driver.
  2. DPC Latency Checker does work thanks :smile_:
  3. 115CQZ95

    115CQZ95 New Member

    That's really working with DPC Latency Checker, idk why.
    and whith Bluestack
  4. Burntpinz

    Burntpinz New Member

    Can confirm this solved the issue for me. Thank you for posting the fix.
  5. Double00_Ghost

    Double00_Ghost New Member

    Had this happen too after recent update. Used DPC latency checker and fixed sound but my YetiX was having bad audio too even after updating it. I rolled it back to the previous version of win10 until Microsoft gets their act together.
  6. Double00_Ghost

    Double00_Ghost New Member

    I tried using DPC Latency checker and the crackling did go away but the sound just wasn't as clear as being on 1909. I went back to it. I tried going to 2004 and the same thing happened.
  7. Radogamer

    Radogamer New Member

    I used the feedback link on the client about a month ago asking if they were ever going to update Surround Pro which I bought when it was new. NO response. I thought it was odd that they choose to use 2 separate clients one for lights and another for sound pro when it would have been smarter to incorporate both in one excellent client. The crackling sound is most likely being cause by an Outdated Driver that version 20h2 can't process. Hint hint!

    It really sucks, my system just forced the update on me and I'm not happy!!!
  8. Radogamer

    Radogamer New Member

    Audacity was having the same issue, the fix for it was to go to preferences and change Audio Interface Host from MME to Windows DirectSound or WASAPI, I choose WASAPI because it was cleaner and the crackling went away! So Hey RAZER you may need to look at your Audio Driver Interface Host since we can't make that change ourselves.
  9. Radogamer

    Radogamer New Member

    OK first, I own a Razer mouse and keyboard, I PURCHASED Razer Surround Pro. I am a customer, A paying customer. The one thing I learned in the retail world as a manager and a purchaser for a major retail company is customer service is everything, how you treat your customers is a reflection on the integrity of your company.

    Clearly, from the obvious abandonment of your application Razer Surround Pro, you don't care about the customers who purchased your app.

    The very fact that people have to turn to a third party solution to fix an issue with your software caused by a Windows Update, and your company not doing anything about it, is atrocious.

    Up to this point I have always loved your hardware and software, at this point I'm not so sure what to think!

    Come on Razer, what's you excuse?

    A very disappointed customer.
  10. Skuidius

    Skuidius New Member

    So I've been using version 2004 for like months now and I never had this problem. The only thing was when my PC just started the sound was crackling until Synapse started himself, so Surround. OR if I disabled the Surround via a shortcut, before the software was launched.
    Anyway. Today I repace my old Razer Blackwidow from 2012, which was working perfectly with Synapse2, by a Huntsman Tournament which needs Synapse3. As soon as I restarted my computer to complete the installation, the issue started occuring.

    So is the problem coming from Razer Surround directly ?
    Or from an incompatibility with both Synapse versions? I tried uninstalling the 3 but with no success.
    Or because I unplugged a peripheral synced with Synapse2 ?

    Please Razer considerate your fans, your forums, make them useful and don't give up on us... Having bluestacks or DPClat.exe running in the background is not a fix. I wanna believe in you and hope you can fix it, this doesn't seems to be so hard...
  11. Gilgamesh00

    Gilgamesh00 New Member

    OMG!!! This really works!! Thanks man
  12. Gilgamesh00

    Gilgamesh00 New Member

    I believe the caused of this crackling is Surround driver..hoping razer will fix it
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  13. Radogamer

    Radogamer New Member

    Apparently RAZER is blaming Microsoft. Razer support is sending people to them, see image below. Fact is that Surround Sound Pro hasn't had an update in at least a year. Seems to me the product has been abandoned. Thanks RAZER for passing the buck! Time to look for another audio software that has a better history of maintenance. Updates are essential to software, too bad Razer doesn't think so.

  14. Double00_Ghost

    Double00_Ghost New Member

    I found an easy way to add this to automatically startup whenever you boot your PC.

    Basically the DPC Latency checker runs as a background process instead of having to open it every time you start your PC.

    Create Folder on your main drive.
    Right click start, Run, type gpedit.msc
    Local Computer policy, Windows settings, Scripts (Startup/Shutdown), startup, Add, browse, find location of DPC latency checker, Open, then AppIy, Ok
    Reboot PC :)
    Here is a video I made for it
  15. GigaNite60

    GigaNite60 New Member

    This is a Microsoft problem. I can confirm that several other programs not related to Razer have the exact same issue and started happening after the windows update. Using a Blackmagic Designs capture card with their native driver works with no issues. Basically, if it routes through the Windows audio driver, chances are it will have issues. I can confirm that just running the DLC checker makes the audio, through Windows, sound better, but not 100%.
  16. pashalim

    pashalim New Member

    Solved for legacy RazerSurroundInstaller_v2.0.29.2.

    1) Upgraded the Windows 10 from 1909 to 20H2.

    2) Using Revo Uninstaller deleted every single trace of the app including Registry along with the folders in registry.

    3) Restarted the computer.

    a. Right Click on RazerSurroundInstaller_v2.0.29.2
    b. Properties
    c. Compatibility
    d. run this program in Windows 7 mode - Applied.
    e. Run as Administrator - Applied.

    5. Turn off UAC (User Aplication Control)
    link to how to:

    6. Run the installer with Administrator Account.

    7. Enjoy! and never update to newer version until Razer fixes that bug.

    Stay safe, and keep listening to high quality music.
  17. 8Sanctrum8

    8Sanctrum8 New Member

    Does not work for me. Maybe because I still have Legacy Realtek HDA drivers with Maxx Audio enabled and working.
  18. 8Sanctrum8

    8Sanctrum8 New Member

  19. 8Sanctrum8

    8Sanctrum8 New Member

    This requires Windows 10 PRO.
  20. MODY_COOL01

    MODY_COOL01 New Member

    To fix the crackling of Razer surround after windows 2004 update and fix dpclat.exe auto start 0x0000005 error you can run DPC Latency checker as a windows service.

    To run DPC Latency Checker as Windows 10 service you must use third party tool,e.g. nssm 2.24.

    Please note, you must have administrator privileges to execute the fix below.

    1. Download NSSM:
    2. Download DPC Latency checker 1.4.0:
    3. Unzip nssm to some fixed folder, e.g. "c:\NSSM", for convenience put there also dpclat.exe (downloaded at 2nd point).
    4. Open CMD as administrator.
    5. Go via "cd" command to nssm folder and Win64 subfolder, e.g: "cd c:\NSSM\Win64" + Enter
    6. Type "nssm install DCPLatency" + Enter - GUI of NSSM app will be started.
    7. At NSSM GUI, inside the "Application" tab, at the field "Path:" just press button with 3 dots "..." and select dpclat.exe
    8. Once dpclat.exe is selected press the button "Install service".
    9. NSSM will close.
    10. Open services.msc, browse to the DPCLatency service just created by you, double click it and hit Start (please note this service is by default set to autostart - do not change this).

    If this will fix your crackling it will probably also fix it automatically after the reboot. For me it works perfectly.
    Hope I helped.

    However if you are not satisfied or later on you are observing some glitches you can easily undone above points:
    1. Open services.msc, browse to the DPCLatency service just created by you, double click it and hit Stop. You can also change startup mode to "Manual". - This will prevent DPCLatency service to autostart.
    2. To completely remove this service just start again CMS as administrator.
    3. Go via "cd" command to nssm folder and Win64 subfolder, e.g: "cd c:\NSSM\Win64" + Enter
    4. Type "nssm remove DCPLatency" + Enter - GUI of NSSM app will be started with confirmation to remove - click Yes and the service will be removed.

    P.S. Do not use sc.exe to create similar service, since it will not work as dcplat.exe is not prepared to be a Windows Service (i.e. implement ServiceMain) in the first place. That is why third party tool like NSSM must be used.
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