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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Hammer_757, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. bizguideDarkBlue104

    bizguideDarkBlue104 New Member

    I have a Lycosa keyboard and have never needed to do more than remap keys using the Synapse 2.0 software. Now I need turn a key into a toggle. For example I want the the "w" key to hold on when I hit it, then release the next time I hit it. Is this possible? if so please provide an example or basic instructions.
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  2. Jerry1ruiz

    Jerry1ruiz New Member

    In Synapse make a macro with the key you want to toggle (Make sure it only has one arrow pointing down)
    Then select the key and change the assignment to macro with the continuous playback option enabled
    If i understood what you wanted correctly, this should be your answer

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  3. bizguideDarkBlue104

    bizguideDarkBlue104 New Member

    Thant make perfect sense. Ill try it tonight.
    Thanks Jerry!

    Jerry, on this step :In Synapse make a macro with the key you want to toggle (Make sure it only has one arrow pointing down)

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make just the first half of the keystroke (w with the down arrow). when I record the keystroke I get both the press and release and cannot delete the release, only the entire keystroke.
    noobing out :slightly_sad:
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  4. Jerry1ruiz

    Jerry1ruiz New Member

    This part is a little tricky but easy
    Press the record button
    Press and hold down the key you want recorded
    Without letting go of that key use your mouse to press the stop button
    If done right only the first half of the keystroke will be recorded
  5. Trionix11

    Trionix11 New Member

    This is awesome. Thanks.
  6. bizguideDarkBlue104

    bizguideDarkBlue104 New Member

    cool, nice trick Jerry!
  7. RUBYeasyStraw442

    RUBYeasyStraw442 New Member

    I'm trying to do this for the right-shift key, but it is not working. It get stucked on pressed after I first press it. In other words, it never toggles off. Works fine with other keys though.
  8. Jerry1ruiz

    Jerry1ruiz New Member

    True, I can't get the Right-Shift key to toggle off when I assign the macro to that key.
    But if I set the key that activates the Right-Shift macro to another key (such as the M5 key on my BlackWidow) I can then deactivate the macro by pressing both the M5 and Right-Shift keys at the same time.
    Granted it isn't an elegant or quick solution, but it works.
  9. RUBYeasyStraw442

    RUBYeasyStraw442 New Member

    Thanks. I've also worked around with a different setup.

    I think the key issue here is that this setup is not a "real" toggle, in the sense of keeping the key pressed, then release it. It's more like keep pressing and releasing continuously, until pressed again.

    There's games that require you to keep a key pressed to enter a different "mode", like AC Unity with the free-run key. My goal was to make this a toggle key instead.
  10. MaximumRedfreshx604

    MaximumRedfreshx604 New Member

    So I did this, because I wanted to make a toggle run key that I could press without having to hold it, however when I set the macro as seen in the first picture posted it will only turn it on. I won't have to hold it once pushed, but it won't shut off when I press it again. How can I fix this?
  11. Also got a problem with this. I want to make a macro for aim toggle in borderlands 1 but I can't cancel the macro with the same button, it just loops endlessly :slightly_sad:
  12. Stealthgyro

    Stealthgyro New Member

    I think Play Once is a more desired experience, so you can just toggle it off with the key you have it holding down.
  13. rushlifeRoseDust683

    rushlifeRoseDust683 New Member

    i manged to toggle a control button by binding a CTRL up macro and a CTRL down macro to two separate buttons. i don't know why toggle CTRL down on/off causes issues. but i have to additional toggle a CTRL up to get it to work correctly.
  14. leetflowMystic240

    leetflowMystic240 New Member

    kind of a necro reply here but for the modifier keys like ctrl, shift, alt when you record the macro, just do it regular and release the key with a delay. when you use the toggle setting, it'll work as intended. Did for me at least.
  15. Also was hoping to make a toggle run key (shift+w) and running into exact same problem mentioned earlier - cant toggle it off.

    Any resolution yet?
  16. bookDarkTanrush230

    bookDarkTanrush230 New Member

    Ok i just made this macro on the listed answer and it does the same as all the other s only toggles on but if you just record a macro and set the delay really small in my case .1 between keydown and release (lower if you need to bassed on game i asume) and then set to toggle on key press and now i push down x and it toggles crouch in gta v push again and it stops crouching in car verry usefull for driving and crouching at same time.


    this answer was harder to read then when i typed it.

    Follow all the steps listed above but instead of only having the key down have the full macro just set the time between keydown and key realease to be verry small in my case i used .1 delay but it can go as low as .001 if you need it to maybe lower even.

    good luck all and any in the future who find this usefull.
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  17. JGooch

    JGooch New Member

    This was so helpful thanks
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