Creating a razer mini itx tomahawk case build with partner approved parts

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by rushlinkPatriarch942, Jan 19, 2021.

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  1. Hi, proud owner of the new razer mini-itx tomahawk.
    Great case and looking for build advice.
    I hear that there's partner approved parts for improved rgb syncing due?
    Looking to take advantage of the internal space and build from a dtx motherboard.
    Be great to hear about the partners and anyone who's built a mini-itx system:)
  2. Anyone help with who razer has approved partners with? Anyone help if this is the right forum or better in ANOTHER?
    So far the case has no dust filter in bottom which does not seem right so looking for a kit to solve this.
    Proposing build :
    Asus dtx impact
    Ryzen 7 5 series cpu
    Asus tuf 3080 gpu
    32gb vengence ram 3600
    2tb Samsung Pro m2
    2 static fans, 1 air all noctura blk series
    Corsair rgb aio dual fan cpu cooler
    Corsair 750 psu sfxl

    I am pretty confident in this spec and parts but not built a system in 10 years so any advice, missed parts, pinch points, watch out from anyone who built using this case big help.

    Only snags I can find is issue with psu cable not fitting so may need orientation different way and the lack of dust filters.

    Cannot find any partner approved mentions supported by razer
Thread Status:
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