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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Psy0ch, Jun 5, 2017.

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  1. DrKDR

    DrKDR Active Member

    So here in this thread, I give music daily and every day I'll edit the thread to give the music for the day, I give 6-7 genres, 3 a day, and occasionally an extra one of my choice to make 4. I made a thread where people voted which genres, and you can keep voting each day's picks. Now, what if there's a song you like but its only gonna be here for one day? No problem buddy. There's a library of songs I've posted here in the past. By the way, my own genres are featured whenever I want but must always be on Sundays. Each genre will have 1-3 songs in it. But if it's only got 1 song in a featured genre, I'll put two more in another to make 5 there.

    Library updated weekly. Just because it's gonna get annoying to update a MediaFire file daily, but I'll update it on my hard drive daily so I don't forget but I'll only upload the updated version weekly, 5 AM to 12 PM AEDT every Sunday unless current situation at time prevents me from doing so (e.g internet outage)
    To vote: https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/favourite-modern-music-genre-fixed-thread.30819/
    To view the library: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hij3gd8hcczj5g9/Song+Library.txt (It's not a virus, as far as I know, .txt's are impossible to make a virus, unlike .exe files.)
    When I put Pop on the list, I also meant Hip Hop. Sounded so similar I forgot the difference. This is one I love, too. Also, the title is 1955 but it's modern.

    I've actually been listening to a lot of Chillstep lately, and god damn MrSuicideSheep has some good selections. But my new year's resolution a few years back was to never be a fanboy no matter how much I like something, so I'll give you only one from SuicideSheep. Fun fact, it's the only new year's resolution I've kept for more than a month.


    Oh hey, I just remembered Dubstep is on today's list. Good thing I used to like it. I got some hella good songs for yall.

    Tomorrows features: Rock, EDM, Trap/Trap Remixes
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  2. detonista

    detonista New Member

    awesome, gonna listen it as soon as possible
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  3. DrKDR

    DrKDR Active Member

    Started the song library, it's a download because I couldn't find any text sharing websites that won't share my email. And if you have some knowledge of computers you'll be able to see it's a .txt, therefore not a virus. I've honestly never heard of a .txt virus.

    Also, I'll only update the song library weekly.
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  4. SkyBill40

    SkyBill40 Active Member

    Dream Theater is a guilty pleasure. Easily one of the most technically proficient bands around who put true mastery into their craft.
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  5. cheekerismo

    cheekerismo New Member

    I'm just dumping my 5 hip-hop artists I like, and a track by each one (no order, just random):


    Rich Brian




    I'll add in another 5, and a different genre at some other time! Hope some people here like the same kinda stuff :)

    Here are my other favorites for hip-hop (no order again:

    Yung Gravy


    Childish Gambino


    Next genre is post-hardcore!!!
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  6. rekt-loli

    rekt-loli New Member

    bez song
  7. hugosh8kes

    hugosh8kes Member

    If you guys like rock you should definetly know these guys \m/

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  8. Grexaevus

    Grexaevus Member

    Re-watching the entire series with my wife. Love it :)
  9. hyvick

    hyvick Well-Known Member

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  10. Grexaevus

    Grexaevus Member

    On to Volume 2 now :)
  11. jackcastrov

    jackcastrov New Member

    Holeeshit bro.
    I was looking for this song and i found it.
    Thank you so much
  12. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    Depeche Mode from the '80s.
    Seems i'm too old for your sh.. stuff.
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  13. NebulaMask

    NebulaMask Active Member

  14. champ15ns

    champ15ns New Member

    listening to this right now
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  15. Nyctelios

    Nyctelios Member

  16. Nullafi

    Nullafi New Member

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  17. NebulaMask

    NebulaMask Active Member

    Been listening to this ost while gaming a lot since it was released

  18. Nyctelios

    Nyctelios Member

    @alangrin you inspired me to listen some of G'n'R :D
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  19. Eyebyss

    Eyebyss New Member

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  20. CXTKRS1

    CXTKRS1 Member

    A classic...

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