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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Nero9937, Jan 30, 2018.

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  1. Nero9937

    Nero9937 New Member

    Is there any dark theme in the app yet ? Don't care about what game or theme it comes from. I just want any dark theme.

    Any advice about how to dark theme the system UI on this phone ?
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  2. Runnerxs

    Runnerxs New Member

    Zero dark /black system theme. The best I can find is redout.
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  3. Nero9937

    Nero9937 New Member

    Was using redout, it's great overall, but system settings are still alarmingly white.

    I hope razer releases a true dark theme at some point
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  4. Kirschdog

    Kirschdog New Member

    Second that on a true dark theme.
  5. iStasis

    iStasis New Member

    I'd love a dark theme :) I ended up just using the black and green wall paper and using nova launcher to make everything black.

    Only have white in the goggle settings menu now
  6. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    "Dark theme" were the icons. If you revert all applied themes on Theme Store and go back to the default "Arrival" theme, you should see the changes.
  7. Kirschdog

    Kirschdog New Member

    This does not change settings or allow us to theme any of the stock Android apps they remain white. Would be nice to see this thing allow substratum as you use the same oms. Hopefully when we see Oreo it will be themeable. The stock Razer theme only changes the dialer and the quick settings drop down not much themeing there?? Also, where are the system images seems like we have been waiting a long while for something so trivial?

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  8. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    Hi Jordan,

    The dark icons technically came out in MR2, we included this note again in MR3 because folks who bought the Phone via carrier stores did not receive the update until MR3 (last night).

    With respect to your suggestions and thoughts on Oreo theming and inquiries on the date system images would be released, I encourage you to contact our Support Team for that.

    Have a great one! =)


  9. Nero9937

    Nero9937 New Member

    As Kirschdog noted, this is not a thread about the dark Icons. It is a thread about a system-wide dark theme. Right now, there is no way to make the system settings appear white over black, as opposed to black on white (current).

    Replying and giving information about the icons is irrelevant, as this thread is to discuss a system-wide dark theme, not the icons, nor oreo system images.

    on another note, i've put a review on the app indicating the lack of a dark theme, and have been contacted by e-mail about it. Their answer was "We appreciate the feedback. We will do our best to have this added to the next update. "
    so I don't know how much of this message is automated, but either way, there might be hope.
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