Dbrand Vs. Decalrus for stealth

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Exacu7ion, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. skelly1124

    skelly1124 New Member

    Anyone own a Dbrand or a Decalrus, how are they? I'm thinking of buying one and want to know which one is better.
  2. LegacyGaming_no_id

    LegacyGaming_no_id New Member

    Decalrus has many designs compared to DBrand.
    Dbrand has some more basic colours and they can cover up the Razer logo on the laptop as well.

    However, Decalrus is a lot cheaper than Dbrand because Decalrus gives you the whole package, along with a free background.

    Dbrand charges per skin such as the top, mousepad and the bottom.

    All in all, it comes down to preference at the end. Do you want a inexpensive skin package along with a free background but does not cover the razer logo

    Or, do you want a more simplistic type of skin that charges a tiny bit more per skin?
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