Deathadder Chroma Not Being Recognized by Synapse 3

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by azhmira, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. azhmira

    azhmira New Member

    I am on windows 10 and have Synapse 3 installed. It is recognizing my keyboard and mousepad but the DeathAdder Chroma is not showing up. I am not sure what to do as I want to be able to edit DPI. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in and it still doesn't find it.

    Synapse 3 version 3.3.331.41818
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  2. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

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  3. azhmira

    azhmira New Member

    So uninstall Synapse 3 and install 2? Will the mouse pad and chroma keyboard work with 2?
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  4. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The list of devices supported by Synapse 2 is on this page. If the device is supported on both Synapse 2 and 3, then you would be need to uninstall Synapse 3 and install Synapse 2 for the to show up in Synapse 2. If the device is supported only on Synapse 2 (like your Deathadder Chroma), it would show up on Synapse 2 regardless.
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  5. michalj82

    michalj82 Member

    Install Synapse 2 for your mmouse next to Synapse 3 for your keyboard and mousepad.
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  6. Is it going to be every supported?
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  7. Grandeux88

    Grandeux88 New Member

    Can you sync synapse 2 with 3? so the keyboard / mousepad syncs with the mouse on synapse 2?
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  8. patrix2001

    patrix2001 New Member

    I'm using windows 10 with a DeathAdder Chroma and it still doesn't show in either Synapse 2 or 3.

  9. RegentSummer

    RegentSummer New Member

    I'm having the same issue here.
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  10. Is't complicated, it happens the same to me ... because Razer does not just give you support to these peripherals of the company that until the sun of today are still of their best products? Do you forget some users? or simply force you to update your peripherals ...

    Really a little out of sync with this Synapse 3 that is getting farther and farther away from being official, it almost goes 1 years from this and I do not see support for some not so old peripherals that continue being really incredible.

    Greetings, my humble opinion
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  11. mitch3835

    mitch3835 New Member

    hey so exact same situation here (minus the mousepad) happening to me, mouse doesnt show up on synapse 3 but when i download synapse 2 i only see that screen, i thought it was just me.... RAZER please address this. Im new to PC and decided to get razer for all my peripherals but now the colors dont even match. Im really tired of this, I spent good money on these products and cant even match or configure my mouse. This is definitely something I will be posting about and letting my pc friends know about if it is not addressed
  12. Flushot22

    Flushot22 New Member

    This alone, might be the reason I switch away from Razer.
  13. NinjaLestat

    NinjaLestat New Member

    mine isn't let me change DPI even tho its shows in the corner thats its changing.
  14. SilentNinja334

    SilentNinja334 New Member

    Try unplugging and plugging it back in.
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  15. Slappiebags

    Slappiebags New Member

    will not work unless you run synapse 1 and synapse 3. This is absolute crap and designed obsolescence. Will be selling/returning all my razer products and moving to a competitor who cares about their products and customers.
  16. onkelfissepisker

    onkelfissepisker New Member

    Im stuck on synapse2 for my deathadder chroma.. They really need to add support in synapse 3 for this device !
  17. MrPonyy

    MrPonyy Member

    Still waiting for deatheadder chroma in Synapse 3:persevere:
  18. pvdvelden

    pvdvelden New Member

    This is absolutely ridiculous.
  19. Tromoxon

    Tromoxon New Member

    like the others have sed, we NEED Deathadder Chroma to be compatible with Synapse 3.0,
    there are loads of ppl that use the DeathAdder Chroma, and we are all forced to use synapse 2.0
    there have been alot of uppdates to Synapse 3.0 and new devices become compitable with 3.0
    how hard can it be to make a patch that make the DeathadderChroma compitable with Synapse 3.0

    and Razer supports for real, LISTEN to what your costumers are saying, we dont ask for much and it would be in your best intrest to actualy solve the issues and problems that Custumers have or you will keep losing people to Corsair, Logitech and so on
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  20. BlueIsMeBlueIsYou

    BlueIsMeBlueIsYou New Member

    synapse 2! i had the same problem but just look at the booklet it gives you
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