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Deathadder Chroma Not Being Recognized by Synapse 3

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by azhmira, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Count me in the same boat. Need Deathadder Chroma support in Synapse 3. If there is a technical reason why it can't be added, please tell us instead of just leaving us hanging.
  2. I'll queue up as well. Excluding the pinned posts in this forum, this thread is by far the most viewed one.

    Kinda of bizar that S3 supports Hue, Alexa and more but not Razer's own hardware.
  3. MrMartineau

    MrMartineau New Member

    Same issue with me. I have the mouse pad, headphones and base station as well as my huntsman, however my Deathadder Chroma wont work on it. So lame they do this to us...
    Give us an update Razer!
  4. I am now having the same issue... but worse. I just bought the Blackwidow Elite and have a Deathadder Chroma.

    So Synapse 2 wont support my keyboard and Synapse 3 wont support my Mouse... So stupid
  5. Byakuya1989

    Byakuya1989 New Member

    lololololol... PLease Razer, fix this S3 <.<
  6. Spliffsmith

    Spliffsmith New Member

    Yeah, honestly, if this isn't fixed fairly fast, I am switching away from Razer.
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  7. ergalle

    ergalle New Member

    We need Deathadder Chroma support in Synapse 3, listen to your customers!
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  8. Nickolasman

    Nickolasman New Member

    i have Deathadder elite and did´t work in synapse 3 an 2, i don´t know how to solve this problem
  9. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Try first to remove all razer softwere from your pc next delete files in appdata nad programfiles after this go to device menager and remove mouse from your pc unplug it and reboot pc when windows boot download new installer for synapse 3 and install it plug mouse and wait to windows install driver and reboot pc one more time. If your mouse still will not seen by synapse try to cheack on difrent pc is the issue is also there.
  10. ergalle

    ergalle New Member

    This is gonna be fixed or not?... say something!
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  11. I selected razer visualizer to fix the problem of the fact that my mouse and headset is not supported by synapse 3. all of the colors react together. I do still have another synapse to control settings for mouse and headset
  12. everFreshAir305

    everFreshAir305 New Member

    This is beyond ridiculous!! Razer won't even respond! I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I'm glad I only own one Razer product. I will not be buying another due to lack of support of their own hardware and lack of customer support.
  13. rocker19943

    rocker19943 New Member

    This is indeed ridiculous! I ordered Blackwidow keyboard only after found out that deathadder chroma doenst work on Synapse 3! Now I have to keep both synapse 2 & 3 turned on cause mouse's customization wouldn't work otherwise !
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  14. Elysium888

    Elysium888 New Member

    Up to a couple of days ago, I had Death Adder Chroma mouse, Black Widow Ultimate kybd and Razer Surround all showing on Razer Synapse 2. Then mysteriously the mouse dropped from the list. I tried reconnecting the mouse no change. I deleted and reinstalled mouse and later Razer Synapse 2 and still do not see the mouse (I only see the kybd and Surround sound). Mouse simply lost ! This is so unnecessarily frustrating to lose functionality that was once there. If it aint broke, then don't f*** around with it is my message to Razer ! Obviously from the thread above, trying Synapse 3 wont resolve this. I was contemplating upgrading to new Razer Mouse + Kybd + Headphone soon, BUT now seriously looking at competitor products to avoid silly issues like this where the company fails to meet customer needs. Thanks Razer ...
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  15. sean8102

    sean8102 New Member

    Well, I guess its safe to say they are not going to add support for the deathadder chroma to Synapse 3. I haven't noticed a new "legacy" device get listed under Synapse 3 supported devices in a very long time (there are a whopping two "legacy" devices supported!). Really disappointing and will def be something I think about next time I get a new mouse and keyboard. It's a bummer playing with Synapse 3 right now using my Blackwidow Chroma V2 and seeing these cool new Chroma features like reacting to audio or reacting to what's on the monitor etc. The new UI design is nice as well. But of course, my deathadder chroma does not show up at all. So back to Synapse 2 and missing out on features of my keyboard because Razer can't be bothered to worry about one of their most popular products being supported in Synapse 3.
  16. Elysium888

    Elysium888 New Member

    Razer Deathadder Chroma is on the compatible list for Synapse 2, however having reinstalled Synapse 2, the mouse is still not being detected. Seriously a major pain as I cannot configure the mouse component if I cant see it.
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  17. SENN4

    SENN4 New Member

    Might have the sabe damn problem here, tried to re-install everything, but my chroma still not detectable by the synapse 2... razer is giving me headaches
  18. I am shocked to find that the new Razer item I bought wont work with Synapse 2, and that my existing Razer items wont work with Synapse 3.

    I will not buy another Razer product until Razer enables me to use all my Razer products with one version of its software.
  19. Wibelinger

    Wibelinger New Member

    Same problem here!
  20. Real_Scolio

    Real_Scolio New Member

    why would they release a software that doesnt support some devices lmfao
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