Deathadder Chroma Not Being Recognized by Synapse 3

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by azhmira, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. atomwork

    atomwork New Member

    Yeah, same here. Using Synpase 2 and 3 together now. As I'm using Nari and Deathadder. It would be great if Deathadder CHROMA(tm) would be integrated in the Sypnase 3 Chroma library, then I only need one Synapse eating my resources away.

    *prays to the Chroma g0ds*
  2. PC_Hater

    PC_Hater New Member

    Yep can definitely agree here. Long term Deathadder guy here. Since the original series. Definitely need Synapse 3 for DeathAdder. It's literally as simple as an firmware update. One tiny bit of code. Bam. Synapse 3 done. So come on Razer, before I blow my money on more of your stuff that lasts for years. I'm long overdue a new Keyboard and going with either Ornata / Cynosa (loudness reasons etc.) then plans to build a full Chroma system with the HDK.
  3. Littleterror198

    Littleterror198 New Member

    the problem is even synapse 2 dosen't detect the deathadder either
  4. tm0029

    tm0029 New Member

    So I dropped a couple bundles of cash on the counter to purchase a Razer mouse several years back called a Boomslang (over 15 years ago). It was awesome; built for hardcore use and better than the absolute junk that was being churned out by everyone else. Most recently I purchased a Deathstalker keyboard and Deathadder Chroma mouse because I'm a homer for all things Razer. I've been consistently disappointed in basic function of these devices, regardless of the Synapse connection problem. I've waited for months now to see if Razer gets their crap together, because they couldn't be this kind of company. Not so far. I'm going to give them a call and share this with them and hope that I can report back some good news.
  5. In case anyone still has this issue which I had and many of you. Make sure Windows is updated to the latest and greatest. Looks like Razor drivers are dependent on latest Windows driver witch mean latest windows updates. It took me days to figure it out but yes Razor devices are dependent on windows drivers. Just update to latest windows updates and you are good. This works for all Windows versions (7,8,10). No need to re-install synapse just update Windows and after updates done and reboot your mouse will be detected.
  6. PC_Hater

    PC_Hater New Member

    I don't that really works, as i'm on the Insider Build of win 10 Pro. Heh.

    Just picked up my Ornata Chroma today and currently loving it. Synapse 3 worked as soon as I updated the Ornata, unfortunately still have to run Synapse 2 & 3 as by the looks of it neither are compatible with each other driver wise, however both are nicely synced up. You can control the Audio visualiser aspect of Synapse 3 and it will reflect across the mouse too, if obviously you are using Synapse 3. It would be nice to see the features just implemented within Synapse 3 without having to purchase another DAC.
  7. pha312

    pha312 New Member

    Wow, this is such bullshit. I just bought a deathadder mouse today and find out that it is not compatible with synapse 3.0?? wtf razer
  8. If your mouse is on this list it will work once you have all your windows updates installed.

    Here is a list of supported devices:
  9. I have the same issue with my headset. Need to use both 2&3.
  10. fahadx5x

    fahadx5x New Member

    i have contacted razer helpdesk and i tried all the solution they gave me nothing works i have been waiting for almost a year to solve this issue i'll not buy razer product ever again
  11. I was the same until I updated Windows updates and the mouse was detected. UPDATE WINDOWS
  12. fahadx5x

    fahadx5x New Member

    i have the latest update of windows
    thanks for sharing your solution
  13. quimegna

    quimegna New Member

    That is so dumb and a cheap tactic to get people to buy an updated version of a mouse they already own, I don't want to spend another 60 bucks on a deathadder elite, support the original deathadder on your software. Corsair is better.
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  14. wasarion

    wasarion New Member

    Any solution to the Deathadder problem yet? This is so dumb.
  15. NoobJitsu

    NoobJitsu New Member

    I had to make an account just to look at this forum and that really pisses me off nvm my mouse not being suppported wtf
  16. victorlimks

    victorlimks New Member

    I am having the same issue as well
  17. wasarion

    wasarion New Member

    Got an answer from razer that there developers is working for a solution to migrate all Razer devices to Synapse 3 (Synapse 3 is still just a beta).
    Yesterday i went and bought a brand new DeathAdder Elite and uninstalled Synapse 2.
  18. victorlimks

    victorlimks New Member

    Thank you! Hopefully it won't take too long. :frown_:
  19. KarlderTruppler

    KarlderTruppler New Member

    I can't even connect my Deathadder Chroma with Synapse 2, it does not act like its even in the USB-Port. Same situation as the Screenshot from the guy above. Hope you Guys from the Support Area fix it quite fast. If not i will definitly change to another competitior.
  20. blanca12

    blanca12 New Member

    Is it going to be every supported?
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