Deathadder V2 Pro Connectivity Issue Via Dongle/BT/Cable

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by IamShuriken, Nov 4, 2022.

  1. IamShuriken

    IamShuriken New Member

    Evening lads and gals,

    Earlier today my mouse was working fine via the dongle (connected to the USB port on the charging dock), when I came back home few hours ago it wasn't working fine at all and all of a sudden it started freezing after I moved it for a certain distance (repeatedly), clicks and scrolls didn't register immediately and would have taken several attempts until they would register.

    I've already tried the following:
    • Connect it directly with the USB cable - the mosue was still not working properly and it was constantly disconnecting and reconnecting, working for less than a second between each disconnection/reconnection so I couldn't reach anything on the screen.
    • Use it via BT on my work laptop (it was already paired before the issue started) and it didn't work on the laptop via BT as well.
    • Updated Synapse didn't help.
    • Uninstall and reinstall Synapse didn't help.
    • Uninstall the device from the device manager, restarted the PC for it to automatically install the device and it also didn't help.
    • My firmware is up to date (v2.03.00_r1) so I didn't had to try to update the firmware.

    I bought the mouse from Amazon (edit: Amazon Export Sales LLC) on February 2022 and on Razer's website it says that I don't have a warranty for this serial number, but on their website, the warranty policy says that it should have 1^ year warranty and I didn't exceed that period...

    Edit: I also tried to connect the mouse to a different PC directly with the provided USB cable and also via the dongle and it wasn't working as well; Had the same issue of disconnection/reconnection every half a second. ​

    I'd appreciate any help and support with solving this issue. :pray:
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  2. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    Did you buy from Amazon themselves or a third party seller on Amazon? If Amazon sold it to you direct, they need to cover the costs of repair/replacement (may be more difficult with a third party seller).
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  3. IamShuriken

    IamShuriken New Member

    Hey man, by looking at the invoice I've received, it says that I purchased it from "Amazon Export Sales LLC".
    I believe that this was sold by Amazon and not by a third party seller. Please correct me if I'm wrong. :)
  4. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    Ok, well try contacting them :smile_:
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  5. ptjw99

    ptjw99 New Member

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  6. ptjw99

    ptjw99 New Member

    One thing I'd like to add was that my firmware was not the latest as I did not know there was a new firmware at the time of occurrence..

    Therefore it is also safe for me to conclude that the latest firmware does not fix this issue. It can still happen regardless of the firmware versions available today, 9th November 2022.
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  7. thlobato

    thlobato New Member

    Mode selector
    As mentioned earlier, Deathadder v2 Pro uses two different methods of wireless connectivity:

    • Hyperspeed
    • Bluetooth
    The mouse uses only one of the two methods at any given time.

    To enable Bluetooth connectivity, make sure that you’ve selected BT under the mouse using the slider switch.

    Select BT mode
    If it’s set to either 2.4 or OFF, it won’t be able to pair with Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth Pairing
    If you’ve removed the mouse from your Bluetooth devices on your PC, the mouse could still be in a mode where it ‘thinks’ it’s still connected. If this is the case it won’t broadcast messages.

    Press and hold both side buttons and dpi-up button at the same time for three seconds to put the device in pairing mode. The logo should blink twice in repeated intervals to indicate that it is in pairing mode.

    Your PC should now be able to see the mouse again for re-pairing when you search for it.

    When the mouse has paired, the Razer logo will briefly turn solid blue before displaying its lighting effect.

    Bluetooth connectivity is limited to 30 feet. However in practice, depending on other wireless devices nearby, the range can be limited to less than that. To ensure better signal quality, move the mouse closer to your PC.

    If you encounter issues with Bluetooth pairing, try pairing with another Bluetooth device such as an external speaker. If it doesn’t work then there’s likely an issue with Bluetooth on your PC.

    Try Another Computer
    To rule out Bluetooth issues with your PC try pairing the mouse with another PC or Mac. If it works, then it’s most likely an issue with your PC.

    Some common things to check for:

    • Did you update Windows recently? If so, you might have to roll back the update to see if that caused the issue
    • Are the Bluetooth drivers updated?
    • Although unlikely, it could also be a failure of the Bluetooth chip in your PC.
    Deathadder V2 Pro Keeps Disconnecting
    One common reason for this is interference due to other wireless devices (Wi-Fi routers, phones or microwave ovens) operating nearby. The other major cause of interference is USB 3.0 devices which are very noisy from a Radio perspective. This results in more interference (especially when they are in heavy use) which in turn disrupts the Bluetooth communication link.

    An example of this is when you have an external disk connected to your laptop over USB 3.

    USB3 peripheral connected to USB3 interface connector on PC (Image credit: Intel)
    Pause the use of the USB 3 device and see if it improves the quality of your Bluetooth connection. As well, move wireless routers, phones and other wireless devices away from your mouse.

    If the connection is more stable, then the problem was definitely due to interference. The only way to solve this permanently is to be mindful of other wireless devices nearby.

    Final suggestions
    If you have tried all the suggestions in our post and none of them worked, it might be worthwhile to contact support at Razer. If your mouse is still under warranty you can ask to RMA it.
  8. ptjw99

    ptjw99 New Member

    More than likely you did not read my post otherwise you wouldn't have suggested the same standard suggestions that the support guys provide because they also don't understand the issue:

    • The mouse works when the RGB light comes on, you can move and click but only for a second, then it dies, and reboots after 2 seconds, and repeats.
    • During the 1 second that it works, all mouse buttons respond perfectly if pressed.
    • This boot loop occurs whether or not a dongle is connected to the PC, thus it is not occurring due to problematic communication with the dongle.. it is internal to the mouse itself. Thus reinstalling Synapse wouldn't do any good either since it doesn't even come into the picture.
    • It occurs in both 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth or wired modes.
    • You can't update the firmware as the PC only detects the mouse for a second each time during the boot loop, so the firmware updater cannot interface with the mouse.
    • The battery on my mouse is at 90+%, so I can rule out power supply issues. As mentioned issue also occurs in wired mode so I can rule out battery voltage drops.
    • Razer support would tell you to reinstall Synapse, or update the firmware, but you can't, and it wouldn't do any good anyway. But that's the standard reply they will give you upon first contact.
    Multiple users have contacted me saying they have similar issues which is unrecoverable and is randomly occurring to their DAV2Pros.

    This is an inherent hardware/firmware issue that will possibly brick your mouse regardless of what you do, or do not do with it.
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  9. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

  10. ptjw99

    ptjw99 New Member

    Thanks for that but there is no need for any follow up, it is concluded that this is inherent to the DAV2Pro and it may or may not happen to a user, it's down to your luck, or perhaps your mouse's batch (if they fixed it in a hardware revision, fixed it in a subsequent new firmware update, etc)

    To be clear, I am no longer looking for Razer's support on this issue. Talking to Razer 'Support' is like talking to a chatbot with the same standard replies so I'm not barking up that tree anymore.

    I'm just here to highlight to whoever that might stumble upon this post after searching for the answer to the issue that they're having with their DAV2Pro that this issue is fairly common and can happen randomly sooner or later, and if you have warranty when this happens then the mouse will be replaced with little question from Razer.

    However if you're out of warranty when this occurs then sorry, there will be no replacement.
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  11. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    @IamShuriken - I hope you've already contacted Amazon with the warranty claim first. Anyhow, you can send me your case number via PM so I can review your contact history. I appreciate your cooperation.

    Thanks for the mention, @FiszPL!
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  12. NewbieOKS

    NewbieOKS New Member

    I experienced this issue the same with @ptjw99 just today with my Razer DA V2 Pro. Regardless connecting the mouse with the USB cable directly into my PC desktop (Windows 11 with latest updates) with the Razer Synapse software, the mouse connects and disconnects repeatedly over and over. The exact same issue and symptoms occurred as the OP reddit post PSA: Razer Deathadder V2 Pro, 'boot loop' issue reported by a few users (connecting/disconnecting repeatedly) : razer ( I still have three months guarantee remaining since I purchased the mouse on March 2021 but tbh I did not expect the mouse to be defect. At the time being, I used my Razer Viper Ultimate backup mouse and considering to RMA the DA V2 Pro but the one-million-dollar question is will it occurred again in the future? It may be what potentially an inherent issue on the Razer DA V2 Pro mouse hardware.

    For the sake of curiosity and to isolate the issue whether it is due to Synapse software issues etc., I installed the DA V2 Pro mouse into my backup laptop (Windows 10 with latest updates) where I never installed any Razer peripherals and software before. The symptoms occurred exactly the same where it connects and disconnects repeatedly even using connecting the mouse by using the USB cable directly into the laptop USB port (not using the mouse's USB dongle (2,4 Ghz connection) or Bluetooth connection). Both the lights on the front and back of the mouse blinks as well. By the way, I already contacted Razer Customer Support via Reddit and we exchanged information on the issue at the time of this post and also share my experience along with the proof of photos and videos of the mouse connection issue as well.
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  13. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing what you've found out and experienced while using the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro. By the way, can you send me your case number via PM so I can review your contact history and reach out to the case handler?
  14. Eeder

    Eeder New Member

    So, I'm having the same problem with the wireless connection of my v2 pro, I tried several ways, I uninstalled the mouse drivers several times, and now even in synapse the mouse via usb cable is not showing up, in the dongle connection wizard the mouse recognizes via usb, and the dongle keeps connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. If you need I can make a video of the screen.
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