Deathadder V2 Pro disconnects and reconnects whenever I shake it a lot.(only on wireless)

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by awesomeIcebergflow776, Jun 16, 2022.

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  1. This happens a lot during fps games as I tend to flick the mouse a lot. It disconnects (the light turns off) and then it reconnects again (the light turns on again). However, this does not happen if I plug the mouse in.
  2. The left mouse button also gets stuck sometimes. E.g. if I were to shoot one bullet then it continues to spray until the clip is empty.
  3. LiLmEgZ

    LiLmEgZ Active Member

    Sounds like its a faulty unit to me... any way you can exchange it for a different unit in person?

    Ive had to do this with the Mamba Wireless 2019 model (cant remember exact year for sure) due to a faulty clicker and Best Buy was more than happy to exchange it for a different one. Luckily Razer is done making Mamba mice for now as I think they finally got the hint that most folks have problems with them.
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