DEATHSTALKER V2 PRO | Low-Profile Ergonomics. High-Performance Wireless.

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by dekades, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. GoGoGoSushi

    GoGoGoSushi Well-Known Member

    Not 100% sure what im seeing but it looks like its gonna be good.
  2. Natachat90

    Natachat90 Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hello friends,

    I can't wait to discover this new low-profile switch. :blush:
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  3. melvinsylar7

    melvinsylar7 Well-Known Member

    "A Low-Profile Predator With a Lightning-Fast Sting "
    Well that's what she said about my smoll pp
  4. ShadowWolf32387

    ShadowWolf32387 Active Member

    Just saw the email. Might actually be an option at work if they have a silent sound to them.
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  5. magictim

    magictim Well-Known Member

    Why Blackwidow v3 audio key..
  6. TheDragonSoly2

    TheDragonSoly2 Active Member

    This is a too much of tech for a guy like me
  7. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    very..very nice :D
  8. Natachat90

    Natachat90 Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hello friends,

    Welcome Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro.
    New keyboard low-profile optical switches. :)
  9. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    I wish they would have kept the legacy design of the Deathstalker.
  10. depotfront359

    depotfront359 Active Member

    Nice Switchs!!!
  11. BabyPinkhitsight352

    BabyPinkhitsight352 New Member

    Hi guys

    On the beginning i would like to apologise if my English will be not good enough l

    I'm from poland and i would like to buy this keyboard but smaller version I think is TKL calls. Now i life in uk. Layout of keys in keyboard is different on uk than on poland for example key f2 have "@" no like in uk Layout in ",". So my qwestion is with Layout should i pick to have polish Layout from razer website
  12. TW3NTY2

    TW3NTY2 New Member

    Do we know what the polling rate is for this board while wired?
  13. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    Deathstalker resurrected.
  14. fthi31

    fthi31 New Member

    J’ai acheter surl site de razzer le Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro.
    Très bon clavier silencieux.
    Je le recommande
    lI existe en filaire il doit être aussi bien.
    5 étoiles
  15. TriggerFinGr

    TriggerFinGr Member

    amazing keyboards, im wondering what does everyone prefer when gaming? i have Razer-Huntsman Mini, its awesome board, and wondering if i should upgrade to something different? Also whats best type clicky,mech,linear optical i seen this on few dif boards???
  16. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Depends on your own preference. Used clicky, love it's sound, but at night it's too loud. Now I'm using linear and I personally love it, more than clicky.
    If you have Huntsman Mini - I'd stay with it, unless you'll need full-sized keyboard.
  17. MormonJedi

    MormonJedi New Member

    Got it today. Love it, pretty quiet, very responsive. Any chance of getting a low profile wrist pad to match it?
  18. Aziz000

    Aziz000 Member

    it better be named after a type of scorpion
  19. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    That new volume rocker looking hawt
  20. finally! small size keyboard
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