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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by dekades, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. NixxieKitten

    NixxieKitten New Member

    I picked up a TKL and absolutely love it. It's taking a bit to get used to (I was using the Cynosa V2 before this), but I honestly have zero complaints.
  2. FIL903

    FIL903 Member

    was using the Huntsman before and wanted a wireless keyboard.
    Only just received today and i cannot change the Media Button, what is this supposed to do as all mine does is pause/start a music if being played? I've tried to set the button to mute all but this does not work. Any advice?

    Re the keyboard coming from a Blackwiddow and Huntsman, they keys the quietness of the key press is nice and not having to hammer the key to register is good, it's a more delicate touch.
    Ive not tried the wireless yet as charging.
    Disappointed lack of media keys as on the 2 keyboards above and i would have liked a full-time view of the battery display rather than the FN+end to display something i feel Razer should have included. Missing the arm rest as well from other models and from a full price product should of been included.

    update: annoying when on wireless the keyboard lights do not turn off after shutdown off PC meaning if left the battery will drain. Anyone a fix for this?
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  3. HS_ZERO

    HS_ZERO New Member

    The TKL version is great!
    Is there a case for transporting the keyboard like the ASUS ROG Falchion?
  4. FIL903

    FIL903 Member

    UPDATE: After some discovery found the media key functions cannot be changed, to mute you have to press the volume up/down in wards.

    FUTHER ISSUES: anyone found this issue - from cold boot, if using the keyboard wireless the volume up and down button do not work, to resolve have to remove the wireless dongle and insert back in. This then works until another cold boot. If using cable this issue does not occur ?
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  5. Shrapnl

    Shrapnl New Member

    Really liking this keyboard and how it feels. Biggest complaint is why even lighting profiles can't be saved on the keyboard per profile. I don't even mean fancy custom Chroma Studio ones. But this keyboard supports multiple bluetooth pairings for other systems (iOS/Android/Mac/Windows) but the lighting effect always goes to a default rainbow. You have to keep doing keypresses to change whatever built-in color profile you want. I would like a way to set a basic static white (or whatever color) whenever I choose a bluetooth profile or if Razer Synapse is not installed on the device I'm connected to.

    I may be missing this capability but if really doesn't exist, it should. The G915 TKL I am able to do that and didn't realize that wasn't a standard part of saving profiles to the keyboard memory.
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  6. UnnamedRazerID

    UnnamedRazerID New Member

  7. vajz86

    vajz86 New Member

    anyone else having issue with connection to 2.4ghz? i placed the dongle right next to the keyboard thinking it was signal issue but it's still not registering my pressed keys. The LED '1" i also noticed it loses light at times.
  8. HS_ZERO

    HS_ZERO New Member

    Didn't have issues.
    You try using another USB port?
    Disable USB suspend. Make sure you have enough power with the USB port.
  9. vajz86

    vajz86 New Member

    have tried different usb ports, and also connecting it directly to the provided razer hub
    disabling USB suspend didnt help either.
    firmware updated to the latest

    No problem initially, this happened after 2 weeks of usage. Didn't do anything out of ordinary
  10. HS_ZERO

    HS_ZERO New Member

    Probably let us know your system specifications and we see how we can help.
    Like platform, motherboard etc.

    Try the new Synapse too. There is a performance improvement for this keyboard released yesterday.
  11. strelnik

    strelnik New Member

    Disadvantages of the keyboard and Razer Synapse program.
    1. Fast battery discharge if you do not turn off the 2.4 Ghz mode, by 20 percent per day, with the backlight off (latest firmware).
    2. It is impossible to set the required backlight operation mode when the computer is turned off, mode No. 4 is always turned on.
    3. It is not possible to show the battery charge in the tray and in razer central.
    4. The brightness of the backlight is adjusted in Razer Synapse, so it is impossible to link two profiles created in chroma studio with different brightness levels to the same profile. You can adjust the color intensity in chroma studio, but I'm not sure that with high brightness and low color intensity there won't be a lot of battery consumption.
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  12. ronzino

    ronzino New Member

    I have read that there is a huge design bug in this keyboard. I have an idea for a workaround it, but before buying it I would like to know if this workaround will work.

    The bug is that: when they keyboard is connected to a computer using USB, all the wireless connections will be unavailable (hyperspeed and bluetooth as well).

    The workaround I have thought is that. I wonder what will happen if I connect the keyboard to a powerbank (or in otherwords to an usb cable that deliver only power, NOT DATA): will the radio (bluetooth and hyperspeed) be available to use ?

    I hope that it is a firmware bug (that turn off radio chip when detects data on usb port) and not an unrecoverable hardware wrong design and Razer (that turn off radio chp when detects +5 volts on power pin of the usb port).

    The common use case is:
    USB connected to the PC, and at a certain point, i would like to connect the keyboard via bluetooth to a to do this keeping the usb cable still connected to the first PC if the keyboard bluetooth is inhibited ?
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  13. ronzino

    ronzino New Member

    are you trying this with usb cable connected ? I don't have the keyboard yet, but I have read (as I have just asked above) that is you connect an usb cable, bluetooth and wireless mode are both disabled.
  14. strelnik

    strelnik New Member

    I checked it now. I type from the keyboard at 2.4 Ghz with a connected power bank.
    Bluetooth also works.
  15. ronzino

    ronzino New Member

    that is good, so it should be fixable via firmware update, and workroundable using or a powerbank or an usb cable with data counductors cutted away (also know as only-power usb cable).

    hope that someone by razer will take into account this issue and open a ticket for firmware fix.
  16. strelnik

    strelnik New Member

    In which keyboard usage scenario does this interfere with work?
  17. ronzino

    ronzino New Member

    In each scenario where you use more than one device and one of them is connected to the keyboard using USB cable.

    Pc via USB + tablet via bluetooth =not possible
    PC via USB + other PC via Bluetooth = not possible
    PC via USB + smartphone via Bluetooth = not possible
    PC via USB + other PC via wireless = not possible.

    Considering that the battery does not last so long, it can happens that you have to use usb connection and activate radio connection at the same time. Those are the scenarios.

    This, as far as I have read on other sites, as I wrote I have not yet bought the keyboard also due too this matter
  18. strelnik

    strelnik New Member

    Item 1 was fixed in the firmware from January 3. After switching off, the keyboard connected via 2.4 Ghz turns off, there is no battery consumption.
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  19. lordy_hun

    lordy_hun New Member

    I've been eyeing this keyboard for a while. Does anyone know if the Deathstalker V2 Pro (TLK)'s UK version is ISO, or ANSI layout? Can't seem to be able to find any info on this!
  20. OniDragon

    OniDragon New Member

    change this Layout??

    Thank you .
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