December 2016 – What's in your bag?

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. upRustyRedsleek961

    upRustyRedsleek961 New Member

    Im waiting to receive all my Razer hardware until that my bag is quite empty D:
  2. Dreoilin

    Dreoilin New Member

    Photo would be handy![​IMG]
    So, I basically just tipped out my bag for this one! This is my everyday carry in my crappy IKEA laptop bag. My android (oneplus x) phone would be in it too if I wasn't using it to take the pic! And, yes! I rock two razer mice (mouses?) Because when you visit friends you wanna bring the good stuff!

    Deathadder & Deathadder 2013 and mousemat
    Old laptop (barely has a graphics card!), cooler, Sades gaming headset, makeup bag, bodum coffee cup, vintage purse, house keys, vaseline, travel card, keys and a trusty notebook and pen for ideas on the go!

    GLHF everyone!
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  3. Tyke7

    Tyke7 New Member

    I'm going into Game Design and trying to builld up the best daily carry possible, however I dont have a huge despencible income being that I am in college. What i have now currently works, but I can do better... much better.

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  4. Balianto

    Balianto New Member

    What's in my bag? Well, considering I'm still in Middle School, and grasping any pocket money I can get, I have:
    • 5 Binders
    • 1 Pencil Case
    • Tons of Pencils
    • Paper (To take notes)
    • A Calculator
    • Books
    • Notebook
    • Homework
    Yup, nothing special.
  5. Emilio Ruiz_no_id

    Emilio Ruiz_no_id New Member

    Do @razer on Twitter or how do I submit my picture??

  6. LoveKZ

    LoveKZ New Member

    Simple as the owner :D but Razer glowing in!

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  7. digirob89

    digirob89 New Member

    I work pretty much everyday, so my bag usually consists of:

    My lunch bag (with my lunch inside of it)
    Shaker bottle (filled with water)
    and occasionally my 2ds. (for breaks)

    But if I were to go out with my computer i would replace my lunch and water with:

    Razer Blade 2015
    Razer Naga Hex
    Razer Kraken Pro

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  8. Blazius_Maximus

    Blazius_Maximus New Member

    So this is basically everything in my bag, as well as the bag itself.
    Top-middle: ASUS ROG Strix GL502-VT
    Top-right: ROG Ranger Messenger Bag
    Top-left: Trusty ASUS 180W G-Series Notebook Power Adapter
    Bottom-left: Captain America lanyard w/ keys & grocery store discount cards
    Bottom-left(ish): ASUS ROG GM50 Gaming Mouse Pad
    Bottom-middle/right: Xbox One Wireless Controller
    Bottom-right: Razer Kraken Pro V1
    Middle-left(ish): ASUS ROG Gladius Wired Gaming Mouse
    Middle-right(ish): TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
    (Excluded from photo because it was used to take the picture): Nexus 5X
    Pretty standard stuff for a college student who plays video games. IMG_20161217_181629.jpg
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  9. edwi90

    edwi90 New Member

    OMG razer razer razer i love you for the beautiful things you guys are creating but sometimes i dont have the money for it.. but i still have a mouse xd ;) ohh and yes my bag that nothing special just some sticker of DVORAK (a hacking keyboard logo ) and England my second country from where i am . im half asian also xd . ;) love you all have a great Christmas and glhf !

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  10. VengeKaiser

    VengeKaiser New Member

    20161219_220515_HDR.jpg :smile_: would really love to win for the first time but any way love #Razer made gaming so much fun.
    Blackwidow chrom keyboard
    Man o war headset
    DeathHadder mouse
    Kabuto mouse pad
  11. aidenmc3

    aidenmc3 New Member

    Hope I win!

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  12. HoangTiPu

    HoangTiPu New Member

    Last year, I spent all my saving money (about $2000) to buy the Razer Blade. For some circumstances, the screen does not work anymore, and I can not deliver my Razer Blade to support center to fix it, because I am in Vietnam. Though, I love it so much, I can not let it go, I still keep this Razer Blade using it with a TV screen. I still hope that one day, I can travel to Singapore or U.S to fix my baby laptop. This is my Razer setup: Razer Blade 2014, Razer Orochi, Razer Kraken Mobile. I do not have any Razer BackPack for now.

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  13. Krispk666

    Krispk666 New Member

    hehe this are my things that i carry always to go!! to the cyber, to gaming arena, to my friends home and when i travel to other countries =) thats my bag haha, i preffer Apple for celphone, im getting the 7 plus in like 1 month i think u_u and i like kindle a lot but for some books i preffer paperbacks! =) thats all! i will be happy if i get something =) thanks for all the items you do! razer!! =)
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  14. Svornair1155

    Svornair1155 New Member

    Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Headphones.. Mic.

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  15. Lxxz123

    Lxxz123 New Member

    i got my razer ADARO in EARS
  16. 9l_xcelr8

    9l_xcelr8 Active Member

    IMG_20161220_170059-1.jpg Hardcore gamer, all I carry in my bag is my Razer blade pro 14, DA Elite, Goliathus speed, external HDD, star wars wallet and my earphones. Use a coverse backpack(was a bit hard to find a bag to fit my 17" beast). Android all the way. Not much of a reader, so no paperback or Kindle for me kappa.
  17. Kemo_Star

    Kemo_Star New Member

    This is what i have! :D hahahahaha!

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  18. I don't have any razer items but have a Lenovo laptop and a Wildcraft bag.

    Here are my items.

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  19. L33tSke3t

    L33tSke3t New Member

    My Crap bag with my Aorus X7 (was a gift, wish it was a Razer Blade Pro) my Naga with cloth Razer track pad and Black Widow keyboard

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  20. Noahlue

    Noahlue New Member


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