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December 2016 – What's in your bag?

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. Stealth1S1K_no_id

    Stealth1S1K_no_id New Member

    Does an empty wallet count as EDC?
    I tend not to move my gear around. only RAZER I got is blackwidow ultimate about 3 yr old.
  2. GalaxyClassic

    GalaxyClassic New Member

    Work provided back pack with:
    -Work MacBook Pro Retina
    -Bose Over-the-ear Headphones
    -New Kaby Lake Razer Blade Stealth
    -Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
    -Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    -Razer Nabu Watch
    -Razer Deathadder Mouse
    -Razer Chroma Keyboard
    -New Nintendo 3DS
    -PS Vita (OLED Model)

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  3. ThomasRoy

    ThomasRoy New Member

    razer 123.jpg happy holidays
  4. ThomasRoy

    ThomasRoy New Member

    i like my razer,ill need lots more Croma stuff
  5. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    Apple computers has limited features than windows have. I do like apple products, but you can't play a lot of games on a mac
  6. abatos

    abatos New Member

    That's what I got in my bag for my everyday trip.
    Hope to have a new bag since that one is already old.

    Razer Gear:
    [​IMG] Razer DeathAdder Elite
    [​IMG] Razer Blackwidow Chroma Overwatch Edition
    [​IMG] Razer Goliathus Speed Large Orange eSports Edition
    [​IMG] Razer Utility Bag

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  7. Candydropgem

    Candydropgem New Member

    20161224_185124.jpg This is what is in my backpack which I bring to school everyday. I prefer android because I never used apple much.The instrument case in the back is my flute case and its located in front of the mini Christmas tree.I have in my backpack 2 binders,notebooks,wallet,phone,pencil pouch, books,flute, my glasses with cleaning spray and cloth.
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  8. Mushyjas15

    Mushyjas15 New Member

    I love razer.. ♥
    Razer is very Sexy ♥
    I love to play games using my razer set up.

    razer ko2.jpg
  9. Candydropgem

    Candydropgem New Member

    Also I bring my 3ds to play games on.
  10. MagicFike_no_id

    MagicFike_no_id New Member

    My Pc.jpg Desk.jpg Desk Lights.jpg I
    My daily driver isn't going anywhere this pc is a huge full atx tower.
    Inside is a pc i built with my first job.
    Specs- Nvidia Gtx 960 4gb
    Amd 6300 4-core processor
    16gb Corsair Vengeance Ram 1600mghz (ddr3)
    on a Msi 970 Gaming motherboard

    My Pc.jpg

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  11. PyroAssass1n

    PyroAssass1n New Member

    I may game on the floor with my Overwatch Razer gear, but it's not as bad as it sounds.

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  12. treyus

    treyus New Member


    Blackwidow X
    Deathadder Elite
  13. KingGosuto_no_id

    KingGosuto_no_id New Member

    not the biggest and best razer stuff, here's my 2013 deathadder and laptop.

    i prefer paperback, android and a basic east sport backpack...

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  14. saandji

    saandji New Member

    Alright, here is my bag and daily stuff i have in my bag. Obviously I love green&black style, but apparently too poor to buy everything from razer, thought I would love to! =)

    P.S. No, the cat is not included in my daily bag content, he just came by when i was making a photo :D IMG_3427.JPG
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  15. MariusM

    MariusM New Member

    Hi Razer, amazing giveaway.

    I work in government audit and travels alot. My gear reflects how i work and travel and am very particular with it as comfort and use is what i value most which is why i have the blade. I also love music and beauty which is why i have the hammerhead 2.0. I love coffee which is i have a non-tipping mug. This bag is useful as its wateresistant when visiting clients who are in the rural areas and my mouse has been with me since University years which is 5 years ago. I would have wanted a razer aswell for a backpack as i know its more water proof than resistant and a proper mouse like razer but i can only afford as much as Philippine government workers dont get paid much.

    I hope you'd love this photo as its the gear i carry with me 5 days a week for the whole year of working my ass of to combat corruption in the government.


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  16. XxExMachinaxX

    XxExMachinaxX New Member

    And this is about it for school. I also bring my razer naga in the front pocket. The messenger bag thing gets old but my current backpack is less than... shall we say whole.

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  17. NWalker97

    NWalker97 New Member

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  18. AegisMaelstrom

    AegisMaelstrom New Member

    Bag that I use

    What's inside

    What's inside also.
  19. Singh1199

    Singh1199 New Member

    Blade Pro (2014), Black Shark headphones, a slim Logitech mouse (wireless, of-course), and a 32 GB Sandisk USB (just in case of a sticky situation). All goes into a bag that is supped to be used for < or = 15" laptop. Yep. Putting a 17" laptop in there is a struggle. The corners of the bag are torn, but meh. It gets the job done. Also, this is my school backpack, so yeah... binders and textbooks.

    IMG_5832.JPG IMG_5834.JPG IMG_5833.JPG IMG_5831.JPG
  20. MLGninja

    MLGninja New Member

    IMG_6354.JPG I only use the mouse and that's for photoshop class. I keep everything else on my desk. I blacked out my backpack because I dont want people to know where I go to school.
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