December 2016 – What's in your bag?

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. azeunkn0wn

    azeunkn0wn New Member

    This is my humble daily stuff.
    I only have Razer Electra. The headband was also ruined but I fixed them.
    I can't capture a photo with my smartphone with them cuz I don't have any other camera besides my smartphone.

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  2. RhysCromwell

    RhysCromwell New Member

    Hi there.
    So I typically carry a Amazon Kindle; Nikon D800 w/24-70 lens; Nikon accessories (battery charger, usb cable, extra batter); Dell laptop :-( ; Razer Naga Chroma mouse; iPhone 7; pen; chapstick; wallet; cash.

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  3. ibeddy

    ibeddy New Member

    Even my daily work needs a touch of Razer. Never even touched the original mouse provided by the office for me.

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  4. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Added the Taipan and 2nd Razer Mouse Pouch to my everyday carry. Debating on whether or not my new Overwatch Edition Razer DeathAdder Chroma and another Mouse Pouch will be added and come with me everywhere, or if it will stay at home for Overwatch play. It will probably come with me. :)
  5. The only bag I'm carrying

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  6. rikku

    rikku Member

    These are the items from my stash (and the necklace I wear)

    I really wanted to have the Razer Rogue bag but I promised myself not to buy unless necessary because I still have few bags anyway.

    Hoping to win one!
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  7. jogiste

    jogiste New Member

    This is my everyday gear gear.JPG
  8. darroox

    darroox New Member

    Headphone, Gamemouse, mousepad, lighting keyboard and mabey an game controller. Fingers crossed.
  9. buzzdataBole415

    buzzdataBole415 New Member

    A rog laptop just for a day.. my client owned it.
    Fx9800p acer for daily basis

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  10. Az-Key

    Az-Key New Member

    I draw a lot so im always taking drawing stuff with me. Since my bag is broken (mainly the zipper=can't close my bag) I thought I could take this opportunity and participate. I also got a Razer Deathstalker, but my desk is so small Ii had to put my stuff on the floor to take the picture.
  11. ActionJackson85

    ActionJackson85 New Member

    Here is my new load out I'm running everyday and everywhere! This old Oakley backpack just doesn't cut it!

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  12. Got a bunch of goodies in my bag that follow me all over the world. Couldn't fit my Razer gear on this trip. I use the iPad for audo, I keep a kindle around for convenience because books take up a bunch of space, PC for games and other media, and the JBL's to bring the sound to life.

    Had to repost the pic

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  13. Moneer1337_no_id

    Moneer1337_no_id New Member

    Would like to win! i only have my ipad and school stuff in there it would be an upgrade to be able to put in a laptop.

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  14. Airway_no_id

    Airway_no_id New Member

    No bag, but got rocking the naga though.

    It might help if I add the picture.
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  15. Canemuto

    Canemuto New Member

    This is perfect, one of the seams in my current bag just started to tear.

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  16. SwitchGameDev

    SwitchGameDev New Member

    So ah. Here's my carry I'm at a "sleepover" so I've just emptied my bag. I use a Mi backpack because I'm still immature and quirky. Contents:

    •Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 because Android is life v.v (Although sadly the picture was taken on my iphone ;-;)
    •Random book I have not yet started but definitely paperback. Definitely. I don't (or more like can't ) do ebooks.
    •Half a bag of Tesco sweet and Salty popcorn.
    •Budget over the ear headphones ;-;.
    •Purse. Probably living the broke life.
    •Game development sketch book and notebook for my Visual Novel (Follow @SwitchGameDev on Twitter )
    •Japanese book because let's learn some Japanese whilst on the train. Why not VuV.

    Unfortunately no Razer ish. But I'll find you... *sniff* You'll be mine someday.

  17. Tolga01

    Tolga01 New Member

    This is what I bring:
    The New Razer blade stealth
    The Razer Kraken chroma
    The Razer mamba TE
    My Dota 2 mousepad
    My Razer messager bag
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  18. Voltro

    Voltro New Member

  19. Vueeyle244

    Vueeyle244 New Member

    This is what I have in my Razer Stealth Messanger Bag. I carry these equipment around with me everywhere I go and every-time I go to a shoot.

    Carrying all of this equipment is heavy but well worth it. High professional images with good quality lenses and camera body and of course a fast laptop (Razer Blade Pro 2015) to get the processing down on the go!

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  20. jaywhojaycee

    jaywhojaycee Active Member

    can you take more pics of ur bag please
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