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Default Profile [Win 10]

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by PsymonTheWizard, Nov 7, 2019.

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  1. PsymonTheWizard

    PsymonTheWizard New Member

    Hi, while Synapse can detect a game and switch to a specific profile, how can I revert to a "desktop" or default profile when I quit the game and go back to desktop? If I remember correctly, you could do that with Synapse 2.
  2. semiAFK

    semiAFK New Member

    was wondering the same thing but actually it kind of does, at least for me:
    - when game is loaded device would be switched to associated profile
    - when game is closed profile would be switched back to the previous one
    - when windows starts a profile that was active at shutdown is reactivated

    so all it takes is creating a profile for windows itself and putting it on manually once..

    this would be enough if not for the problems with switching profiles for games like league of legends or path of exile (standalone client)..
  3. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    It's very simple create profile and set it up in device/s and chroma dont link it to anything and create next for game profile on device and chroma link to game you play. On desktop set as active profile non-linked profile when you open game profile will change to linked to game when you quit game profile return to non-link previous used one.
  4. Ephreal

    Ephreal New Member

    That does not always work. Sometimes when i boot my windows the next day it has not reverted back to default profile.
  5. axis77

    axis77 New Member

    The "last used" feature works sporadically and will always require a manual setting of the desired profile when it borks. Which it will. So an option to definitively set a default profile would help immensely. The "last used" profile switch has always been less convenient than advertised. If it worked 90-100% of the time then fine, but that sadly is not the case. Even with Synapse 2.0. A desktop profile activated on return to the desktop. Simple idea, no clue as to implementation on your end. I have tried picking explorer.exe as an option to load my own preferred default profile but 3.0 will start it and then switch back randomly. Some kind of default hard-coded profile option would be welcome.

    At this point, my profiles aren't even auto-loading for my Tartarus and Nari. Please implement a default profile. I do believe that was the way it was "way back when" before this sometimes working feature popped up in 2.0. Regardless, I am now manually picking my profiles every time I need one for my Tartarus v2 and my Nari. I will probably reinstall 3.0, yet again, in an effort to have it work properly. I have never had to reinstall an app to set things right as much as I have had to reinstall 3.0 since I got this Nari. This feels like alpha testing.
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  6. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Yes it never worked reliable with Syn2. That' why I stopped using auto profile switching for my orbweaver, switch manually for every game. And changed my keyboard and mouse to another brand with well working driver.
  7. axis77

    axis77 New Member

    Yes, Unfortunately, I did my "Synapse 3.0 repair" last night and everything was working. By that I mean profiles were switching but now after I sit down in the morning, the Nari is doing the same crap. My PC wasn't shut down, it just went to sleep. This is beyond ridiculous for the money I spent. The Ultimate is fun from a hardware standpoint but I am bringing this piece of crap back soon. I have used Razer products for years. I reviewed them for Computer Shopper Magazine and Cnet. Synapse 3.0 is an absolute mess. It looks pretty but something that works only sometimes doesn't make it new and cutting edge.

    I used to be very impressed with Razers software, especially with the Belkin Nostromo. What in god's name happened? Profile switching is something that the Nari needs to use reliably. Its soundstage is so heavy that music, games, movies all require different tweaks with EQ and enhancements. So yes, if I can't have reasonable expectations about auto-switching and am forced to manually change it each time the value of this device falls to near 0 since I move around from game to video to music all day long. Horrible software guys. I have to use it for my Tartarus but Razer should be embarrassed by this mess. I know you guys are working hard, I don't doubt it. That being said, you are failing.

    I remember back in the day when Razer was about to go under, go away forever. Logitech stepped in I believe and now we are here. I remember being very happy with that news. Now, not so much since I truly rely on my Tartarus and I feel boxed in with 3.0. For me to consider buying a used N52te just to avoid Synapse 3.0 should speak VOLUMES to you guys. The day I don't need my Tartarus is the day you will see my back forever if things don't change. As far as the Nari Ultimate goes, my professional opinion is you need to cook 3.0 a lot more and it's not worth the money spent. It's a novelty item at this point and a bad one at that with this software mess. I can't have another opinion of the Nari because it hasn't worked right since I set it up last week.

    As the last word on this, before I bought the Nari I was looking at several peripherals from Razer to add to my collection. I was researching different models of headsets, keyboards, mice... but after this. No way. You lost my trust.
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  8. SleepwalkerRazer

    SleepwalkerRazer New Member

    I stumbled across this by accident when my profile switching stopped working. I used to have the Default Profile without link to any games and the rest were linked to my Games. I got my profile switching to work again when I deleted all the Profiles that were linked to games I deleted. The default profile switching seems to work only when it is the only profile with empty link. Try this and see if it works for you guys.
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