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Destiny 2 Clan: RazerBlade-Fu

Discussion in 'Destiny 2 Talk' started by Grimmwor, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    I've just created a Destiny 2 Clan called RazerBlade-Fu. My thought was it would be a clan consisting only of members who game on Razer Blade systems (any model).

    If you play Destiny 2 and want to join, please let me know!

    RazerBlade-Fu Clan _ Bungie.net.png
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  2. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

    how many members??
  3. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    Zero :-(

    I recently got into the social aspect of Destiny 2 and wanted to belong to a clan, and since there was no interest in this one, I joined End of Tradition [Σ]

    Maybe at some point in the future I can find the right time & place to advertise/recruit, but right now, I just wanna play ;-)
  4. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

    Welp it was a nice try, dm if u ever need someone to play with on pc(wont be on for a while tho cause I broke my god damn foot like a loser) and enjoy your day
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