Destiny 2: Forsaken - Worth it or naw?

Discussion in 'Destiny 2 Talk' started by OceanBoatBlueeasy227, Jul 30, 2018.

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  1. I've been playing Destiny for a while now and I am trying to decide whether forsaken will be worthwhile or not. Does anyone know anything in regards to this?
  2. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    I would say that if you are playing it regularly and enjoying it, Forsaken will undoubtedly bring another year of what you have been enjoying, with fresh content (new campaign, a new style of PVP match, new raid and new strikes). There will also be tweaks to the weapon and armor customization system that I am excited to see.

    If you think it sucks now, I doubt Forsaken will do much to change your mind.

    I for one plan to get Forsaken it as soon as I can afford it, I think Destiny is a great franchise.
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  3. daveluiz09

    daveluiz09 Active Member

    Now that the season of Outlaws is live I really hope they have some secrets on there like they did the Dreadnaught on D1. I kept going back to that place over and over again to find new things. Anyhow, gotta wait till next payday then Imma get it.
  4. baimaohu

    baimaohu New Member

    nah, not that great
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  5. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    I'm with Grimmwor,

    If you like Destiny 2, and want an excuse to play more, or even go back and play more it's brilliant

    The story is great, not too long, but really well done and makes you really wish the original campaign had so much interaction (you really feel like you are playing along side Cayde).

    The new supers and powers are fun to pick up and give you something meaningful to work towards.

    With the new way weapons work, the bounties it really feels like a Destiny 2.5, with loads to figure out and do.

    If you didn't love D2 originally, Forsaken is unlikely to change your mind as it's more of the same, just done a little better.

    If you do love it, or did and have been taking a break - it's a great excuse to get those explosive arrows burried deep in the chest of the new enemy........
  6. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    After a week and a half on the expansion, I can report that it has exceeded every single expectation I had. I give it a 10/10.

    IF you have been playing D2 over the last year, I would highly recommend it. If you have not played it and considering buying into the franchise now...I am not sure I could offer such a strong endorsement. I don't know what the new player experience is like - hopefully that makes sense.
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  7. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    I have to agree. The forsaken update makes it feel almost like a new game
  8. KenstA

    KenstA Active Member

    With this update, it is literally a brand new game. It's a grind to get gear, with its release, I haven't got a new exotic engram. From what I've seen, before the update, I had about two pages of friends online, now I have 5-6 pages full of friends online playing the game.
    One outcome can change what happens in the game, for example, with the completion of the new raid, something happened that changed the world for not just them that completed it, but for every player in the world. In example, a new strike, a new map, etc, I'm sure there are plenty of puzzles and locations out there that we haven't discovered yet.

    Plenty of things to do and farm for gear:
    • Gambit - PvP + PvE (There's going to be a community tournament soon)
    • Crucible
    • Dailies and weekly bounties
    • Getting the perfect god roll for your weapons
    • Finding the right clan
    • New strikes, raids, etc.
    • Invisible locations / platforms to get loot.
    In the Twitch directory, I've been seeing a lot of new top streamers that were never there loving the game.
    I won't say too much more about it, but it's very enjoyable compared to the previous updates. Bungie is actively listening to the community, they are responding and showing their support.

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