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Devices Supported by Razer Synapse 3?

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by nJOI.iwnl, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the bump. Checked the list again and my only peripheral not supported are my Krakens. Pretty sure less items were on the list last I checked. :D
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  2. Calixen

    Calixen New Member

    Synapse 3 is absolutely better than its predecessor, 2. Way more functionality and consistent performance, I applause Razer for being hard at work on this. I'm glad they are still working on to bring more supporting devices to Synapse 3. I really want my Naga Chroma to be supported and hope it will be soon.

    My Naga did experience a glitch (at least on my laptop) where every time it woke up from sleep (closing laptop lid and then opening it) and every start up, where I would have to re calibrate my mouse due to tracking issues, it would freeze, become sluggish, and randomly jump across the screen (worst in fps games...). Even though Synapse 3 doesn't support my mouse, after installing it and having other products linked to Synapse 3, I've never had tracking issues anymore on my Naga (despite it running on Synapse 2.)

    A roadmap on what devices may or may not be coming soon would be nice. Or at least any actrive updates and progress would be nice as well. (If there is and I'm not looking in the right place). But, regardless keep it up Razer! And Great work so far.
    I'll patiently wait for updates and the demise of Synapse 2 to become unavailable! >:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. s33dl3ss

    s33dl3ss New Member

    Yes, keep bumping this thread, that will make it better....

    How about you admit that rushing the "beta" release of Synapse 3 with only a couple supported devices that are locked to it, forcing your customers to run, not one, but two completely buggy programs was a HUGE mistake as far as customer experience goes.

    I am well aware that I do not know what it takes to make the older devices compatible with the new program. Hell, I am not supposed to, YOU ARE (razer). And if you had anyone competent running that place, they would have told you that shoving two broken programs down customers throats while you work on fixing one of them which will take over a year or more, and give them no timeline whatsoever is a reallllyyyy bad idea.

    You've already gouged the shit out of us with the HUGE premiums we pay for that shitty logo. The more you do this, the more you hurt that brand. So yes, keep up the good work.

    P.S. Sorry to drag you into this Akimbowles. But clearly you don't see why a lot of us our frustrated. I'm not mad at you, just Razer.
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  4. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    To be fair to Razer, their options were to continue to add new devices to the old Synapse -- which is notoriously buggy -- and have scope creep on Synapse 3 OR put new devices in the more stable Synapse 3 and keep Synapse 2 on life support while moving everything over. The first option would mean Synapse 3 would never come to light and we would all be stuck with a buggy broken mess. The second option means a year or two of growing pains for customers until Synapse 2 can be deprecated.

    That said, Razer is severely understaffed in the software department otherwise we would see much more progress. And from what I've heard about the software side of the company, it's not easy to get anything done due to heavy micromanagement from high level people in different regions of the world (this is only what I've heard, I promise nothing).
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  5. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    As an IT professional that's a bunch of crap.... If you left devices that are only 1-3 years old out of synapse 3 it would be unethical and obviously a tactic to force obsolescence in order to drive up sales of newer gear. I had to abandon my Chroma BlackWidow and my Chroma Naga due to Synapse incompatibility with both of my systems, Intel i7-4771/i7-7700k, gtx1080 and Windows 10 Pro. Owners of legacy hardware deserve drivers that work, Synapse 2 clearly does not. I bought a brand new BlackWidow v2 thinking it was my keyboard that was broken causing the software to crash and it was not. Even saying well we could but won't is just virtue signaling without making an actual commitment to support any specific "legacy" product.

    That's also false! Each device should basically be a plugin, and there should be a template for mice, keyboards, etc. Razer knows the device ID and the input/output of all their devices. Adding legacy devices should be a matter of weeks not months.
  6. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    You did? Because I have a Naga Hex that works fine and I know people with the Naga Chroma that don't even use Synapse at all.

    If you are an IT professional you should be able to differentiate between a driver and a program...

    You realize you don't need Synapse, right? Windows 10 will find the appropriate drivers and install them for you. What were you saying about being an IT professional?
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  7. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    I have old devices (2014 Naga, Blackwidow Chroma) and my devices all work fine! I use synapse 3, (yes they don't light up right now), but everything still works... so I agree with Chickdan here...
  8. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Whatever issues you are experiencing with Synapse 2, please write to the customer support team and they will help you troubleshoot them. Synapse 2 will continue supporting all the devices that were launched with it (even the ones that are migrated to Synapse 3).

    Each device requires new drivers (to support new features that didn't exist in Synapse 2) and new UI assets. If you truly believe you can do it quicker and better job than the very engineers that built those devices, I'm sure I can convince Min to hire you for our Synapse development. ;)

    Jokes aside, we added support for 8 legacy devices (multiplied by 14 different regional ANSI and ISO layouts, special and licensed editions) in just under 3 months and the work for adding more devices is still ongoing. The forced obsolescence theory doesn't hold a candle when you consider that we added support for the 3 year old (gen 1) BW Chroma Tournament Edition, despite the fact that we have a V2 out and many of our 2017 releases aren't even supported yet (work ongoing).

    It's a balancing act between bug fixes, device support, performance improvements, accommodating feature requests, work for future releases etc... Every community member has a different set of things they want from Synapse 3 and we try to be as fair as possible to everyone.


    PS : A tip for the future, you would have a much better chance of getting a response from official staff around here if you don't straight up call them a liar. :)
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  9. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    ^ ooooh the sass! I love it xD
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  10. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    None argument, try again.
  11. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    I tried tech support, every time they had me do the same pointless exercise and then told me they couldn't figure out why my BW chroma would not work on three computers between MacOS and Windows 10. So I bought a BW Chroma v2 thinking it was the keyboard and had the same problem. It turns out Synapse 2 has a compatibility issue with Nvidia game streaming.

    Synapse 3 did not work with my orbweaver chroma or my death adder chroma. The BW chrome v1 is not listed nor is my my Naga Chroma on the synapse 3 webpage. I may try Synapse 3 on my work comptuer and to see if they work.

    If i hadn't been given the run around by your tech support so many time I wouldn't have a preexisting distrust.
  12. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    The devices are being added to Synapse 3 though, so just wait, maybe the bugs you're experiencing will be fixed with the release for your devices.
  13. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    I just tried synapse 3 with my gen 1 BW chroma on my work PC and it's not supported.
  14. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    He didnt say BW chroma gen 1, he said the tournament edition...
    read it properly before you argue.
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  15. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Please refer to the list of currently supported devices on the Synapse 3 webpage. It is updated after every new batch of supported devices. It should not be a surprise that the devices that are not listed on that page do not show up in Synapse 3.

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  16. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    It should not be a surprise when people stop using your products after experiancing them first hand.
  17. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    Clearly some people are just complaining for the sheer point of complaining. No matter how much logic and reason you throw at them, they will ignore it and just continue complaining.
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  18. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    Clearly some people are fan boys no matter how much logic and reason you throw at them.

    Synapse 2 has compatibility issues with Nvidia's GameStreaming and Razer's tech support even after collecting all of the file they requested had no idea. Instead they suggested i reinstall Windows after i just reinstalled windows. There is no reason for me to think Synapse 3 will be any better. I would test it but none of my devices are supported. I've not had any issues with my Corsair gear and CUE.
  19. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    No, I'm not a "fan boy" for several reasons:
    1 - I'm not a boy.
    2 - I own products that aren't Razer.
    3 - I have never had an issue with Razer products that couldn't be fixed, or that the issue is just a minor inconvenience rather than an actual issue.
    4 - I choose not to insult the people that are trying to help, but encourage the work they are doing in the hopes it will lead to better things for the company. (Negativity like yours is not really wanted in forums, discussions and opinions are welcome, but outright insults are not.)
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  20. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    1. Fanboy is a gender neutral label.
    2. Not an adequate defense.
    3. Are you running a Nvidia GPU and using game streaming under Windows 10? Are you running MacOS? For over year my macros and my media keys did not function properly under MacOS. If you are not running similar hardware or software than our situations are different.
    4. You were never trying to be help and you challenged me first. That's your opinion which is irrelevant.
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