Devices Supported by Razer Synapse 3?

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by nJOI.iwnl, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    Okay, fanboy is seriously not a gender neutral term, wow xD it literally has the word "boy" in it...
    Yes I am running an Nvidia GPU, and yes I do use game streaming on Windows 10. No I do not use MacOS. I used to have macros on my keyboard, but when I switched to Synapse 3, I switched with the understanding that my keyboard was not currently supported, and so my macros and chroma would not work, but the keyboard still functions as a keyboard.
    And I never said I was trying to help, I simply said that it doesn't seem right to insult the people that are trying to help (Razer staff).
    If you are unhappy with your Razer products and software, switch. Rather than yell at the people working on making it better.
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  2. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    Fanboy: An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common usage), etc.
    In case you don't know guys and dude are also no gender neutral.

    Nvidia's game streaming refers to streaming to a Nvidia ShieldTV or Shield Tablet. That is what you are doing?
    On two computers i've had to disable that in order for Synapse 2 to work.

    Macro's and Chroma are the two biggest selling points of a Razer Chroma Device. It's irrelevant that your keyboard works as a keyboard. I have a closet full of regular keyboards I could use.

    If they were trying to help why did i get the same run around every single time I contacted support? I did switch on my primary computer to a Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse and K70 rapidfire RGB keyboard.
  3. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    And your point is? She answered your question as you asked it so quit treating her like an idiot.
    If you switched then why are you here? Your complaining does literally nothing to speed up the development of the new drivers. The old drivers will work fine anyway, you just miss out on some shiny lights.
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  4. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

    Thanks Chickdan, I just stopped responding to him because it's just not worth the effort when they come up with more and more arguments, so you can't win.
    Thanks for supporting me though! :)
  5. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    By working do you mean synapse2 crashes almost immediately after login when Nvidia game streaming is enabled?
  6. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    No, I said the drivers work and said nothing about Synapse 2.
  7. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    You said the old driver, so you're either referring to Synapse as the driver or your implying Synapse 3 has a new driver which would indicate that you consider the driver and software are one package. If you're going to base your faux argument on using proper terms, then you better start being more accurate else risk being a hypocrite.

    If the only use you've found for razer gear is fancy lighting, you're missing out on the main reason to get razer peripherals button remapping and macros.
  8. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    Alright I'm done here, you are making obviously false statements about the things I'm being very clear about. You just want to argue to make yourself feel better even though you are just making yourself look like a bigger idiot with each post.
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  9. hsjkeee

    hsjkeee New Member

    when, now Tiamat 7.1v2, Razer Seirēn add for Synapse 3.0 ????
  10. Quango2k

    Quango2k New Member

    You could have saved all this hassle by not releasing synapse 3 as beta until it was ready for all Razer products.

    No excuse for it at all. Worst of all is releasing new hardware that only works on the Beta software! So I have some devices that only work on 3, and some on 2..and both being installed causes problems so its not feasible to install both of them.

    What Razer should have done is support all NEW products in Synapse 2 and only release Synapse 3 when its fully functional and supports all products.
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  11. Quango2k

    Quango2k New Member

    Do you still feel the same? 5 months on and still no progress from Razer..
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  12. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    As I've mentioned before, Synapse 3 will NOT support all legacy products. Synapse 2 has support over 200 devices and it's simply not possible for us to bring all of them to Synapse 3. Some for technical reasons and others for logistical reasons.

    Both Synapse versions should function in parallel. If you're experiencing issues, please reach out to Customer Support or report them using the feedback button so that the engineers can take a look.

    To be completely transparent, we did try that approach initially.

    The first 3 devices on Synapse 3 were also supported on Synapse 2. But developing software for brand new devices is several months of work (that happens before device release). Developing it for 2 versions of Synapse is straight up double the work. Once again, Synapse 3 is not a reskin, it's a completely different architecture to overcome all limitations of Synapse 2.

    Continuing parallel development of Synapse 2 and 3 would mean that we would never be able to catch up on legacy devices in Synapse 3. As of now, we have stopped development on Synapse 2 (other than critical bug fixes) and focused all resources on Synapse 3 (including legacy device migration). Even with us being 100% focused on Synapse 3, the rate of migration of devices is an average of about 2 devices per month.

    I absolutely agree that the transition period from Synapse 2 to 3 isn't the most pleasant experience, but the alternative would be to support new devices on both Synapse versions for a certain duration and never bring any older devices to Synapse 3 at all. We (Razer) would still utilize the same amount of engineering resource, but we would be leaving all the users on older products behind and we don't want to do that (despite the accusations of the contrary in this very thread).
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  13. davidbdeath

    davidbdeath New Member

    When you resort to insulting someone, you conceded the debate.
  14. Sutran

    Sutran New Member

    I bought Atheris at the store, and what I found was the mouse too heavy to use and a deformed driver. Smile =))
  15. Hi can anyone advise why my Razer Mamba (wireless edition) is not recognised in Synapse 3.

    My Razer base station Chroma & my Razer Firefly cloth mat are recognised correctly in Synapse 3.

    Having to use ver2 Synapse for my Mouse.
  16. How about the development of Razer Synapse 3?
  17. Akimbowles_Rangers

    Akimbowles_Rangers Active Member

  18. hwei8

    hwei8 New Member

    year 2020, i think this synapse 3 still in beta, razer deathadder chroma, blackwidow chroma still not out..
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  19. iiRealizt

    iiRealizt New Member

    Pongan el Mamba Wireless!!!
  20. klaus-l

    klaus-l Member

    Yes, better forget Razer, they strained theirself with all the products, they want to sell. They should have focused on good peripherials. Now they are selling a bad phone, bad notebooks, totaly overstrained for their manpower.
    Future will be: RIP. Sry, bat the truth
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