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Diablo 3 - Season 5

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by kajira, Jan 15, 2016.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    As much as I was willing to wade into the drama tonight to help out some folks with their CES sale issues -- the season has begun and that's where my priorities shall be for a while. LOL

    So, anyone else going to play? How do you like the new patch? Any other feedback? :big_grin_::big_grin_:
  2. iamthefong

    iamthefong Active Member

    I'm playing, looking forward to going through all the Set Dungeon challenges, and trying out new legendary combos
  3. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    I'd suggest you just get to that D3 :)

    I think the Set Dungeons might seem like a gimmick, but I'll have to see for myself. Leveling a Wizard now - can't wait to experience that new island.
  4. Tinikko

    Tinikko Member

    I play d3..but just when friends are playing too... I don't like the "solo mode"
  5. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    LOL :big_grin_: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
    See, that's why we all get along here. hahaha

    I got to level 70 and am about halfway through Chapter 4 of the seasonal chapters. I'm looking forward to testing the armor set dungeons to see if they are worth the time, but for now I'm just rifting until I'm happier with my gear.

    @Tinikko - I'm like you, I'm only so-so on the solo stuff in Diablo, so I play with my husband @sirjarren our two sons (aged 22 & 12) and our oldest son's best friend. We have a blast together.
  6. nagato7

    nagato7 Active Member

    I loved playing D3 with friends just like you but a lot of them have moved on to playing league or awaiting new mmos like blade and soul. Hopefully i can convince a few of them to return. Been a avid player of Diablo since D2 when it first came out and cant tell you how many hours i spent farming dungeons or pvping.
  7. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I've been playing since the beta for Diablo 1 -- that's actually where I met my husband @sirjarren :big_grin_::big_grin_:
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  8. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Love to see mods also playing games, which makes sense, but still.

    I like how they made new sets that promote different styles, i.e. melee DH etc.
    Set dungeons, meh, some are easy, others require too much patience.
  9. Tinikko

    Tinikko Member

    :D that's cool... i always try to get my gf play with me in any games...it's just a way to get her more close to my hobbies ^^
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @ETitus - I've learned that I am NOT a fan of the Firebird's mastery for set dungeon. LOL
    I was able to "finish" it to get past Chapter IV on the season adventure thing, but master it? They must be smokin' something. I'll need to upgrade a lot more stuff and enchant things way differently before I could make that work. hehe

    I'm actually looking forward to trying the Delsere's Set later on. I've started collecting it (Mmmm, love me some bloodshards. haha) but I'm trying to make that set exactly right the first time around. So I'm farming until I get what I need for it.

    @Tinikko It's nice to hear that you can get your girlfriend to play at times. She should definitely give Diablo a try, it's one of those things where there's just so much you can do on your own that you don't need to worry about looking like an idiot in front of other people. (which is a big detractor for a lot of females) Also, it can still have the social factor that some people need to make a game fun, even more so if you guys know anyone else at all that plays that she could add to her friends list. (and, obviously, social aspects make a lot of females want to play too. lol) Good luck!!
  11. Tinikko

    Tinikko Member

    I will try to get her involved :D
  12. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    So far I got Firebird set only and finished the set dungeon (not master it). I found that the description of the Firebird set last bonus is very much misleading. You do not get the attack bonus until the mobs are in perma burn status.
  13. Krystian1337

    Krystian1337 Member

    Im now DH with almost 600 paragon lvl so if someone dont have time for slow lvling or just want to play with me then IRON#2652 (I play eu only). And I started making streams at twitch (IRON_95), if someone want to talk and play with me :)
  14. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    Wow. 600 Paragon level. Do you use the shadow set?
  15. Tinikko

    Tinikko Member

    What's the "best" character for this season?
    Is there any kind of support?
  16. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @SinLucifer - I agree, the Firebird's set bonus was a bit misleading at first, until you've really watched it and played with it a while. That information helped me master the set dungeon finally, though I had to take off a lot of other gear so I didn't one-shot everything!

    @Krystian1337 Nice!! I'm only up to roughly 450 paragon right now, oddly enough I almost never get to play on weekends. lol

    @Tinikko I know this is a much over-used phrase, but truthfully, the "best" class is Diablo right now is the one you'll have the most fun playing. They all have their pros and cons, they all have strengths and weaknesses over others and they all have different ways to play solo vs with groups. So, what really matters is what you'll have the most fun with.
  17. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    I haven't master any dungeon yet. :frown_: BTW, I have changed to the slow time set. Arcane orb + explosion blast = boom boom boom. Blast everything into dust.:big_grin_:
  18. Chris.G

    Chris.G New Member

    What are the Set Dungeon mastery rewards? Still wondering.
  19. Krystian1337

    Krystian1337 Member

    I use Unhallowed Essence, but I master only Shadow dungeon.
  20. Tinikko

    Tinikko Member

    Is there any kind of support role?
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