Diamondback Chroma Support for Synapse 3

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by r3nzy, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. r3nzy

    r3nzy New Member

    Please Developers!! My Diamondback Chroma and Blackwidow are in perfect sync, before i shifted to synapse 3. Now that I bought a Goliathus that needed a synapse 3 software. I only get to sync my Goliathus and Blackwidow respectively. My Diamondback Chroma have gone to waste! since i can't fully customize it to sync with my other devices. Please Hear me out on this! Please add support for this device on Synapse 3!
  2. Highware

    Highware New Member

    I'm also hoping the Synapse 3 support Diamondback mouse (RZ01-0142), I already sent up a message to the asking support.

    Forgive my English, I'm from Brazil. KKKKKKKKKKK
  3. VizardXY

    VizardXY New Member

    Count me in here. :slightly_sad:

    Please devs bring support in Synapse 3 to the Diamondback Chroma.
  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Diamondback Chroma should get support since it is a newer product, came out around the same time of the Mamba TE I am pretty sure and that is supported. Might not be on their priority list of items to support on Synapse 3 since it likely isn't a bestseller though.
  5. VizardXY

    VizardXY New Member

  6. Highware

    Highware New Member

  7. RViscerous

    RViscerous New Member

    Pitching in as well.

    It sounds silly but one of the reasons I was considering getting a new keyboard (it's an old Tarantula) was so it could use Synapse 2 along with the Diamondback. Lo and behold Synapse 3 is here and now it wouldn't support the Diamondback if I got a newer Razer keyboard so it's essentially the same problem.
  8. VizardXY

    VizardXY New Member

    I hear you. My firefly and blackwidow are synapse 3 compatible but my diamondback isn't. Plus I have a razer nanoleaf and hue lights that complicate the matter. Lol.

    I would think anything that works with chroma should be able to be controlled by a single program. That's the logical way to think about it. If it takes longer to develop, so be it.
  9. MadwiggyNLD

    MadwiggyNLD New Member

    Same problem here , after months still no support for this device , when they keep changing there software but a simple support is a no show ...... now my girl is stuck with 2 software and they cant synce between them . So Razer show us you care and HELP US !
  10. JonahAustralia

    JonahAustralia New Member

    3rd party mice are compatible before their own mouse... :Hmmm:
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  11. marcemira

    marcemira New Member

    Yeah, I usually have tons of updates each week... how can't they not give support on this one? Please sort some of your priorities before we start sorting our preferred brands for our gaming peripherals for others with proper support. Thanks
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