Diamondback RGB with Synapse 2.0 not supported anymore

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  1. Hello, my diamondback chroma from how i can see are stopped to be supported on synapse software (in the supported device list there isn't anymore). I'm looking everywhere but i not find any other mode for continue to use the same featured that i had before on synapse like dpi setting and chroma switch colors that i really need it for continue to using this mouse. Any help or suggestion? Thanks in advance!
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    I have the same problem. But on top of that, my Deathstalker Chroma is also no longer supported. Great service from Razer :frown_:
  3. Hello ;) i resolved this issue thanks to the email's support, now synapse 2.0 recognize again my mouse.

    Try to follow this steps:

    Uninstall synapse 3 (if installed) then follow the steps below:
    • Razer Driver Cleanup Tool
    • Uninstall Synapse2

    • If possible, unplug all Razer devices

    • Reboot the system

    • Download the Razer Driver Clean Up Tool: https://rzr.to/Tf53xj

    • Unzip and run the CleanupRazerDrivers.exe as Administrator

    • The window will close on its own. When it does, reboot the system again

    • Install Synapse 2

    • Plug in Razer devices

    • Update Synapse 2 as needed and reboot system as update requirement
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  4. urbanNavyIVORY643

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    Thanks for the great tip. Diamondback, DeathStalker Chroma and Firefly can be configured with Synapse 2 again :thumbsup:
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