Disappointed in how terrible Synapse 3 still is

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by MaximusRex, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. MaximusRex

    MaximusRex New Member

    The software has always been terribly buggy and inconsistent. Sometimes it seems to work better, then it gets worse

    Not having a default profile to fall back on when you aren't gaming is a major PITA.

    Won't consistently switch between profiles automatically unless you open the program window, despite all the background processes being enabled.

    Remapped keys will "stick" in the game and spam the mapped key, despite releasing the key on the device. This happens with both my Naga and Tartarus.

    Tartarus left thumbpad movement will often read as a double tap despite holding it constantly in that direction, or only moving it once. A friend has the same issue. This is problematic for Elder Scrolls Online in which a doubletap makes you roll which uses resources.

    Combo Keys like CTRL+1 will transmit as both CTRL+1 and 1.

    Window won't remember size and position, so I have to constantly re-size it when working on profiles, because the default won't show everything.

    Considering this software is supposed to drive Razer's top line peripherals, it is frustrating that it has been in forever beta and plagued with problems for so long.
  2. Try running your synapse 3 in windows 8 compatibility mode.
    Mine is now running stable and working as intended.
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  3. Askatazun

    Askatazun New Member

    I don't have this problem with my Tartarus, but I gotta say, the software could be much better. With several profiles, the amount of buttons you can assign is easily over 200, and you can't add any description to what a button does. I use my tartarus for Photoshop, and I need over a hundred buttons, and trying to understand what a key combination means from the synapse overview is entirely guesswork
  4. RosaPanteren

    RosaPanteren New Member

    Trying to launch Synapse only works like 1 out of 4 times......

    Gotta say I'm really dissapointed, next mouse, keyboard and headset will definitely be from another vendor.

    I got to uninstall and install again everytime I need to access this pice of shit program, and the THX is completly useless... sounds like a tin box
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  5. UnfairMode

    UnfairMode New Member

    Hmmm. Nice tips. I'll try it out. Cause I have long-line macros that sometimes work and sometimes jump some commands and it's annoying. Maybe it can be solved using windows 8 compatibility. If it works or not I'll edit this post and answer here. Thanks.
  6. sgtricko

    sgtricko New Member

    everytime i update mine it won't let me run the software anymore
    so uninstal and install bnack again... now it even seems to not running after the reinstall... i am sooo mad
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