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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Jun 5, 2017.

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  1. Frosthoof

    Frosthoof New Member

    I love it :D
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  2. _Mimi

    _Mimi New Member

    i love it...the new night mode :thumbsup:
  3. Hawr1x

    Hawr1x New Member

  4. AlphaOmega626

    AlphaOmega626 New Member

    love the night mode and achievements!! :heart:
  5. BalluuG

    BalluuG New Member

    Night mode hella lit
  6. kaeizr

    kaeizr New Member

    Hey, how does it detect which Razer hardware I have? I've received all of the achievements under "Razer Hardware" except for Nextbit and Travel Powerhouse. But I do have a Razer laptop! I'm literally typing this on my Blade 14.
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  7. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

  8. Dragon092

    Dragon092 New Member

    The night mode is awesome
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  9. Aristarchos

    Aristarchos New Member

    Let there be darkness :smiling_imp:
  10. Chenhui12

    Chenhui12 Member

    Love being with dark side ! please give me a link razer staff !!!! :<
  11. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

    Oh, good! I still miss the physical rewards, but seeing as these give zSilver, I guess it doesn't make much a difference.
    If anything, this may be better.
    Thanks for adding new stuff! :D
  12. Shemphys

    Shemphys New Member

    Cool *-* :heart:
  13. catch300

    catch300 New Member

    I love this new mode, it looks way better :heart_eyes:
    And also I noticed that I would get 50 extra Zsilvers for my birthday which is in 5 days, that's awesome :cool:
  14. kaeizr

    kaeizr New Member

    mine's in 6 days' time! happy birthday to us!
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  15. Animeify

    Animeify Member

    The dark theme is so nice
  16. J017Rogue

    J017Rogue Well-Known Member

    Life goals: Get Razer CEO achievement on Insider. Not actually though because long live Min.
  17. Send me a PM and I'll add you to the list of lucky ones :)

    You need your Razer Blade to be registered under the same Razer ID you used for your Razer Insider and Razer Synapse account. This way you'll be able to unlock the achievement. If you still need help, send me a PM and we'll look into it.
  18. kansasjeremy

    kansasjeremy Active Member

    really appreciate extra ways to earn zsilver with arena gone. hope to see more soon!
  19. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Nice! Liking the Night mode and new achieve's.
    It even recognized my current headset, the Megalodon's (which aren't Synapse enabled). So I must have registered them and forgot or since I bought it through the Razer store it knows.
  20. xan326

    xan326 Member

    On the weekly feature threads achievements, is that a one time thing, or does that refresh weekly?
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