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[Discussion] Boost a Friend giveaway

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. Drazmic

    Drazmic New Member

    So when I posted mine, the price before discounts was $498... now it's $503... As shops always change prices, what happens with this?
  2. OctopusRave

    OctopusRave New Member

    Looking forward to see who wins. Counting on you Razer :)
  3. GoneDrinkin

    GoneDrinkin Active Member

    i'm not sure, i guess you've gotta depend on Team Razer. I think the rule came about because of giveaways like this, there would be many people who would create many accounts to post many entries to increase their chances of winning (i'm guessing). If you can see from the giveaway thread, i think more than half of the entries are new members with 1 post, last seen is the giveaway thread. Suspicious no?
  4. Watermelown

    Watermelown New Member

    My friends and I have been razer members for around a year(I think), using the razer comms service, but none of us have posted anything on anywhere before. Though I do understand that with many people having only one post,and just on the giveaway, that it would make it look very suspicious.
  5. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    There are over 30 pages of stories to digest :eek: we'll work to getting a winner asap!
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  6. Karissa tan_no_id

    Karissa tan_no_id New Member

    Thanks for hosting such lovely giveaway! Hopefully can get my boyfie a surprise for his birthday! Looking forward to the results :)
  7. Tuscanyvinedaily112

    Tuscanyvinedaily112 New Member

    hope my lame best friend Ivan get his prize for new year !
  8. Drazmic

    Drazmic New Member

    I can't stop checking for changes. anyone else? lol
  9. cafegreatVanilla237

    cafegreatVanilla237 New Member

    I hope that me forgetting to include the choice of the h440 doesn't affect the chances =((.

    Thanks for this giveaway, I wish everyone luck and happy holidays and happy gaming!
  10. Destess

    Destess New Member

    So the price of the build increasing from PCPartPicker doesn't affect chances, right? It was $500 without and discounts or rebates before, but it fluctuated. I mean you could just remove a part if it does matter. It doesn't really matter which, just as long as its not the processor or PSU honestly. I have some bad parts laying around from old 2008-2012 PCs from family members that I could substitute in for him. Keeping my fingers crossed, but I understand there are other people in more despair out there. I hope the person who deserves it most gets it. Thanks for doing the giveaway, and going through that whole 30 pages lol. Good luck to everyone.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2015
  11. guidebyteLiberty179

    guidebyteLiberty179 New Member

    I'm curious as to who actually read the post thoroughly?
    You were supposed to put together a list of parts that PRIOR to discounts/rebates/etc have to total $500. You were supposed to use MSRP pricing to avoid the whole price flux of websites.
    The case is not included in the price. I've gone through some of the posts and there are some nice stories here and there but there are also a good amount that didn't properly follow the rules of entry.
    Good luck everyone and happy new year!
  12. Drazmic

    Drazmic New Member

    actually if you watch what websites it pulls from like Newegg, they constantly change prices based on current ratings and sales.
  13. guidebyteLiberty179

    guidebyteLiberty179 New Member

    That only matters if the BASE price is being changed since that's what was asked of us.
    Such as the 4460 on newegg, it's currently 189.99. No discount/rebetates atteched from the looks of it and that's what we were supposed to be going by.
    "Create a wishlist of PC parts (excluding a graphics card, the chassis and not factoring in any current discounts, rebates) of up to US$500 in value" I'm just saying, I feel like a lot of people read right past that.
  14. Drazmic

    Drazmic New Member

    Base Total: $523.83
    Mail-in Rebates: -$40.00
    Shipping: $2.99
    Total: $486.82

    this is what it shows when we did it... not my prices but lets continue. When I submitted my link, the BASE total was 498. Upon checking after the contest ended, my BASE total was 503.

    I wasn't looking at the total after rebates because that total was around 470. So please show me that prices don't change in an ever-changing market.
  15. guidebyteLiberty179

    guidebyteLiberty179 New Member

    I'm pretty sure some of those prices arent the actual base price. IE: NCIX i5 4590 on PCPP says 183.99 BUT if you go to their website that price is ~16.60 off their normal $207~ (which is the highest among most of the retailers from the looks of it). there are some website choices on PCPP that end up with the pricing of the discounted item. I used newegg pricing primarily since they are usually consistent with their regular prices and even list it when any product is discounted to make sure I didn't run into this whole fluctuating problem. Yes some prices can still change OFC, but there might be some leeway regardless to account for these changes.
    secondly, check whether or not some of your choices of retailers changed on your list because it may happen if one part's availability changed and/or pricing changed.
    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hMbGyc base total 480~ no need for anything too fancy
  16. Drazmic

    Drazmic New Member

    But that's the thing... they said use THAT site... so since it changes how can we make sure?
  17. Learninginaction

    Learninginaction New Member

    Quick question so the thread is closed meaning the event is over right to enter in that giveaway?
  18. Drazmic

    Drazmic New Member

    yes it's over. waiting for the results
  19. OctopusRave

    OctopusRave New Member

    Is that REALLY Delv from VenomPvP? WOW!
  20. triggerhappy23

    triggerhappy23 New Member

    Will the results be posted here?
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