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Do you guys get this in your blades as well?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by ttsesm, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. ttsesm

    ttsesm New Member

    @Joikansai nope I have only one year warranty, I've bought it from amazon.com last July since I wanted a US keyboard which you cannot get in razer EU and also at that point it was not possible to get a warranty extension neither from amazon nor from razer, which I wanted considering the crazy stories about the razer support. Anyways, I took the risk, pulled the trigger and here I am, one more crazy story for razer support.

    Regarding the mic, it is embedded on the screen. The question is how to the heck is related to the logo LED. My guess is that the wiring that transmits the electrical signal for the two is close to each other (most likely on the cable strip that connects the screen with the board) and most likely the shielding not the proper one, thus you get the whine on the microphone output. Just a guess though.
  2. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Right, that's what I mean by feedback, not so much audio feedback but static feedback. The electrical components create a static buzz that can be picked up in the recording. It's a by-product of electronics for a myriad of reasons, one of them having to do with grounding and such. For example, my old iPod would make a static sound in my car if I was charging it at the same time. It was annoying.

    My best guess is your guess as well; the wiring. You can switch out the boards and components all you want, chances are, you're going to encounter the same issue. It's not a "fault" in the manufacturing or components, it's more of a by-product.
  3. ttsesm

    ttsesm New Member

    @Dekades sure I agree that it might be a "generic" harware issue and that's why I am asking other blade users here to see whether they are getting something similar on their mics, in that case let's say I might be able to swallow it easier though again I think we agree that it shouldn't be happening and there should be a better quality control either from the company that provides the screens to Razer or from Razer itself.

    However so far no one else has posted that he has the same issue, thus this makes me to believe that I am the unlucky guy and as you can understand if I can have a unit which it doesn't has such issues I would like to have it. Especially when someone has paid a premium bunch of money for such a machine and I am within the warranty period.

    As I said I would be curious to see if others have a similar issue, @iDATUS told me that he hasn't what about you and @Joikansai
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I see, in that term yes you’ll have only a year I thought you purchased here. Not quite sure too the mic placement usually Blade has similar placement in term audio with a MacBook which’s usually on near speakers that cable near ram yes it’s display and webcam cable so maybe mic is integrated on webcam so they have to exchange the display completely since it’s easier than changing the Modul separately by opening the display frame and glass, but since it’s changed twice the problem isn’t there, that’s also my though:wink_:

    My hobby is music, I recorded often my play on Blade 15 and now due the situation I might record more before I didn’t have such issues but I’ll update once I had.
  5. ttsesm

    ttsesm New Member

    Brief update, we are reaching to 5 months and still my issue is not resolved.

    Razer, after me asking to come in contact with a senior representative offered to replace my blade (since apparently they cannot solve the issue), but guess what two weeks now they are trying to convince me to get a German (QWERZ) layout instead of the US (QWERTY) layout that I've bought. The excuse is, that they have run out of US layout stock (seriously?), which I do believe of course. My guess is that they want to empty their German layout stock considering that the Blade 2020 is announced already.

    In any case I have kindly refused twrice since I do not want a German layout and I've not paid >3k to get something else. As I explicitly explain to them I could have bought my blade from Germany (with better warranty terms) but I didn't because they couldn't offer me the US layout which I explicitly wanted.

    Now I have told them that if they cannot provide me with a US layout replacement unit, I would prefer my current unit to be sent in back and fixed.
  6. Ragnarblade

    Ragnarblade New Member

    It's definitely static feedback . My assessment for your situation is it is caused by some poor capacitor or resistors on your motherboard.

    The mic is a cheap component and I'm sure they would had replaced it during rma. The mic is wired to the motherboard via a ribbon connector. Now if the mic wasn't the cause,. The feedback must be from the circuitry from the connector on motherboard to sound card dac chip. It's not going to be fixed until the motherboard is replaced as the audio chipset is soldered onto the board.

    P/s. My Razer stealth 13 early 2019 model also has strange crackling sound from onboard speakers at full volume and that's from both left and right speakers , I can hear that when I put my ears to the speakers grille. I didn't send in for rma as I think after rma , the Razer technician will likely unable to fix this and create more problems
  7. PsychoG33k

    PsychoG33k New Member

    Nope... I had many RMAs with the RBP17 due to light bleed and after 4... or was it 5... "White Glove Service"... Many Many months nightmare... I got them to replace it with a 15" OLED model... no backlight = no light leakage. Smaller screen, 60hz, room for only 1 m.2 and lacking extra fan (lowers some GPU performance)... But, the OLED is a great screen and I mostly game using my external monitor, so it works for my needs.
    They came out with the 4K 120hz on the 17" right when they gave me the 15" exchange... it is not OLED, but I think it is better regarding light bleed. Oh well... maybe next year I'll go back to 17. Gotta finish paying for this one 1st... lol
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    BLB on FHD mate is usual thing on ips panel, glossy display is less maybe free due glass panel pressure that prevent it, of course Oled would be different but the display tech is different. However on long term usage they may have different problem, my MBP13 that at first has no BLB issue start showing it after like 4 or 5 years usage due pressure how often I open and close the lid, and Oled might have burn in issue.
  9. PsychoG33k

    PsychoG33k New Member

    I'm talking 'extreme' light bleed that washed out colors on portions of the screen... I understand and can accept some light bleed, but not what I was having. It got even worse if I dared to open and close the lid... kinda a typical laptop function. The pic below was the replacement screen after my 1st RMA. Not only was the light bleed not better, they threw in a lit pixel as a bonus.
    I'm not an ignorant, young, perfectionist... been in IT for over 30 years and it was disgustingly bad and even worse considering it was a $3200 laptop. I do expect a higher level of QA when spending top dollar for product.
    After 4 laptops and their "White Glove Treatment" (LOL)... they could not find a RBP17 without excessive light bleed, so I gave up and requested the OLED.
    No issues on this OLED or my work Lenovo OLED... yet. 'Some' of the newer technologies are helping with the burn-in concerns on OLED panels.

  10. ttsesm

    ttsesm New Member

    They have replaced not only the microphone but the whole screen twice, so I agree that it is a motherboard issue and most likely from what you are saying at the connector on motherboard. Recently I also started getting a crackling noise randomly from the inner of the unit which I also do not know from where it comes from. Which I also let them know at the support. So apparently the motherboard is problematic.

    Meanwhile yesterday RAZER support came back to me offering me for the third time to accept a German layout replacement or to sent back in my unit for repair. They informed me now that the US layout laptops are available only for the North America region and since I am in Germany they cannot replace it with such one (seriously? So now there are available US layout units but not for my region. Well done RAZER, keep like that you make it even worse.) I kindly refused for third time and told them that getting a German layout replacement is out of conversation and asked them to proceed with the option to sent back in for repair my unit for 4th time and the serial goes on.

    As much as I like the RAZER blades, this support that I am getting so far is from the worse.
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I see, dead pixel I’d also directly reject on the price range. I told it “might be” in long run, first Oled laptop I believe Alienware back in 2017 when I’m rightly remember some users reported fine and some no, hopefully new technology would prevent it but it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed. We should look at long term usage.
  12. ttsesm

    ttsesm New Member

    For what it is worth and to give an update for my case, today and finally after 6 months got a new unit (shipped from Hong Kong with an assembly date 04/2020) with the same layout as my original purchase (I was very welcome to that). However, guess what? the same two issues are there to the new unit as well, especially the high pitch noise on microphone output.

    I am not expecting anything else to be honest since it seems apparently to be a generic problem on the OLED screen batch units (I guess a hardware failure or something). I've wasted extremely too much time and effort and instead of enjoying my blade I was sending it back and forth and seriously I do not want to get in another such loop. If they are willing to do anything else, good, if not I guess I'll have to leave with it and use the experience for next time.
  13. PsychoG33k

    PsychoG33k New Member

    The quality of internal mics are and have always been yukky... feedback from other electronics on the same board is very common. You mentioned everything is ok if you use an external/USB mic and/or turn off the logo, right? That is not a horrible workaround when needing to use the internal mic... annoying, yes, but not horrible.
    One thing I learned with Razer... if it is a design/mfg defect... we can only hope it gets addressed on a future model, because 'typically' the problem still exists on replacement products of 'same' model... or at least that is what happened to me and what I hear from others.
    No computer manufacturer is perfect and sometimes we have to weigh the pros and cons. Although... when one of the manufacturers (Razer) is charging TOP dollar for their product, there is some expectation for higher quality product and QA. Razer QA *thumbs down*.
  14. ttsesm

    ttsesm New Member

    @PsychoG33k, yup it seems so. That's why I am saying that I am not expecting something more. I guess it is a case where either I learn to leave with it and accept what it is or I take my toys and go to another playground.

    By the way, from your signature it seems that you have the same model as the one I am stating that I have the issues. Can you check whether you also have it?
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2020
  15. PsychoG33k

    PsychoG33k New Member

    I do not get the same whine that you are (tested with and without logo on). Although, if the Windows Mic Boost is turned up (+10dB by default), I do get another type of electronic feedback that sounds like a very talkative robot conversation underwater.... best way I could describe it... lol. If I turn down the Windows Mic Boost (0.0dB), it is not as noticeable.
    Also, I have a fresh installation of Windows 10 installed (upgraded to 2T drive) vs. the OS that comes with the machine... I'm happy to look at/share driver versions on devices as well, if you think it might help.

    2020-06-22_14-27-10.jpg 2020-06-22_14-26-21.jpg
  16. ttsesm

    ttsesm New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, did you try the "Breathing" mode, this is where I get the problem in my case. We have the same Realtek driver, since my windows is literally new as well. As I said I've just unboxed the replacement machine.

    I am also getting the underwater, electronic feedback, robot talkative, whatever sound. This is normal, I wouldn't be complaining for that but the other high pitch noise, ooohh man, it breaks my nerves.

    Also I do not think it is a driver issue. Because if you open the Realtek Audio Console -> Go to microphone settings -> and play with the filters I get it in all of them. Especially in the "All off" where supposedly you get the raw microphone output.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 22, 2020
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